Our fate is already sealed – now stand by for nuclear option

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I’m hearing a rumour all six hundred employees of the Central Bank are practising a carefully choreographed limbo dance to greet Mr. Rehn when he arrives in Dublin.
It makes sense of course when you remember they’ve bugger all else to do in Dame Street and it helps em keep fit.

cowen on cnbc yesterday

we are credible and want growth back

How low can you go?(…with your interest rates)

Or in honour of our zombie banks…

Shame he doesn’t appear giving interviews in any of our media apart from the national broadcaster.

I know, I know he’s a busy man but I’d expect him to make an appearance on the Paul O’Grady show before we see him on say TV3 :unamused:

Did anyone hear the Travel Extra guy on the Plank talking about Marrakesh (I think) A waiter or barman(?) asked him ‘How’s Brian Cowen?’ while doing a beer drinking gesture!

Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me

“We were in the past a country that achieved great growth”.

Jesus H. Christ. Does he still honestly believe the bubble was “growth”? Of course, one could say he’s spinning, but my belief is that they still really believe the fake boom was a real one.

Dont fool yourself, the whole of Ireland is with him with his ‘I want me toys back’ line.

They just dont get it.

Whats scary about your post needle is I think you are 100% right on this.

They have to believe it - with all their poncing around during the boom, looking real busy - talking about ‘a lot done, more to do’ and their incredible work ethic and super smarts and all the rest… they’d look pretty silly if they had to admit, “well… yeah, in our combined businesses and endeavours we managed to make a real return on investment received and borrowings of about minus 40% when all’s told”.

He said “ebbs and flows” again.

We’ll have to add that one to the bullshit bingo list.

Bring back Bertie, things were great when he was in charge. Bertie for president, even better, emergency legislation so we can have him as Taoiseach again :nin

Holy crap-so obvious he knows the game is up-Almost out-Berties Bertiefuck in terms of forked tongue finesse.

That “nasal congestion and confluence of events” doesn’t appear to have cleared out of his system yet.


Tune up lads…

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!