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I live in midleton.
and i am observing the following over the last twelve months.

*Lots and lots and lots of domestic property up for sale
*Same property not shifting since before christmas
*Large developments being shut down until the market picks up
*Current developments on a go slow
*a HUGE amount of commercial development being thrown up which is empty, in particular, aroung the new Tesco, units empty for near 12 months now
*Big push from the large developers on advertising

In particular, the amount of commercial space being generated is odd,
I just do not see a demand for it.

Another point is the money sloshing around midleton.
I though i was doing well to have a 99(galaxy) (wife / kids) and a 98(626) car (me-work)
Yet when i do the school run, the amount of money driving into the car park is outstanding, 4x4’s audi’s mercs, gucci, etc etc.

Where is all this money coming from???

Assuming that developers sold some off plan, what happens if to those who’ve put down a booking deposit? Does a small section get built and the resident have to live on a building site until things pick up, or do they get the deposit refunded?

The Money Tree-chet of course :smiley:

I seriously doubt that.