Out of Shadows


Interesting. QAnon is increasingly the hub of a “Q community” which advertises itself self-referentially. So we see Q linking to tweets about its own popularity. The Q community is a diverse group that seems to be titillated by crazy conspiracy theory and batshit crazy Evangelical superstition.

The movie above seems to be in the latter category. To the credulous and gullible it is an exposé of the infiltration of Hollywood by satanic government agents. Moving from the fairly obvious and well-known phenomenon of wartime propaganda films, we are soon led by well-connected Hollywood insiders (a.k.a. two unknown stuntmen) into a horrific story of satanism and cannibalism.

At the denouement we find that it’s all about the completely debunked pizzagate story. And it depends heavily on the say-so of Liz Crokin, a deranged Trump-worshipping right wing lunatic who has continually made unfounded claims that mirror Q and related conspiracies. Among her ravings of the last two months are the claim that Covid-19 was invented by Bill Gates, but that “white hats” have managed to turn the disease to the president’s advantage. Crokin said that Covid-19 was no more dangerous than flu, but was being used as an excuse for lockdown so that people will be off the streets when Trump sends in the National Guard to arrest all members of the global satanic pedophile ring.

Crokin previously believed that the Trump impeachment proceedings were the cover under which the mass arrests would be made. A year ago she seemed to be getting tired of waiting and warned that if the mass arrests didn’t happen soon there would be “vigilante justice”. But like most cult leaders and followers disappointed by the non-arrival of an apocalypse, there are always further opportunities.

I think most normal people will be pretty amazed that such individuals exist. But I had cause some years ago to spend time reading up on millenarian cults of 19th century America. This really isn’t a new phenomenon at all. From Mormons, to Seventh Day Adventists, to Jehovah’s Witnesses, there has been a long line of cults and cult leaders. Many have morphed into significant modern-day religions while others have faded away, unable to sustain the weight of their own failed predictions. Sometimes, as in the case of the disciples of Joseph Miller (Adventists) and Charles Taze Russell (Witnesses), the founders’ predictions were reinterpreted to mean some sort of spiritual awakening instead of the promised Second Coming or other millenarian advent.

A sort of general millenarianism is pervasive throughout American Evangelicalism today, traceable to those 19th century cults. The sort of Dispensationalism taught at Dallas Theological Seminary, and popular accounts of the Rapture such as in Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series of books have their roots in groups like the Plymouth Brethren and particularly the biblical prophecies of John Nelson Darby (a one-time Anglican pastor of Delgany, Co. Wicklow). The threads get very complicated, depending on whether you believe in a pre- or post-tribulational rapture, and the specific ordering of the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the Millenium – all of them events from the Book of Revelation.

My own assessment is that it is difficult for a purely apocalyptic cult to get traction this days because of the general decline in religiosity. QAnon cultists probably do tend to be of an Evangelical persuasion, but the phenomenon has been dressed up in such a way that you can subscribe without being overtly religious. In other words, it is millenarian without being specifically Christian millennialist. At the centre of it is a character who doesn’t even have to sustain the normal cult of personality on which the 19th century movements depended. The central figure is unknown, but presumed by adherents to have access to the highest levels of the establishment. In effect, divine inspiration is replaced in this modern version by having the ear of the President. And of course, you have a president who is so hell-bent on his own cult of personality that he seems willing to play along.

There’s nothing new under the Sun, and this is just a continuation of a very long line of distinctly American Protestant cultism.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US
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Out of the Shadows is right - what’s is the story with the teleporting Papa?

(gets good around 1:00 min mark)

Now you see him now you don’t! :icon_beer:


Thanks. Another good example of the credulousness in this anti-rational cult.


Perhaps you could explain to us simpler people what your leader did in that video?


Classic digital frame skip, it often happens when a digital signal is being transmitted over a congested network link. Probably using UDP to send the video, UDP transmissions are “expendable” packets and network devices will drop packets when there is latency or congestion, so it is common to see jumps like that.

Nothing to see here.


Yes literally. :joy::rofl:


I don’t think you’re simple. I think you’re brainwashed / deluded. It’s different. I’ve personally known several very intelligent people who were taken in by cults.

Anyway – Ring of Gyges versus digital frame skip (or a transmission glitch or maybe someone used Adobe Premiere)… I think I know what most rational people would choose. The hypothesis that the Pope did a magic disappearing trick during a public audience televised to the world would be slightly lower on most people’s list of probabilities. Except for brainwashed QAnon cultists like the guy in the yt video.


No rude lord of the rings jokes now!… Live digital compositing and green screen is common place. No big deal. News broadcasts have been using the tech for years with virtual studios, but that is not actually the point is it?!


Yeah, it’s very unlikely that anyone intentionally digitally manipulated it. It’s too boring / pointless. Though on a ten point likelihood scale it’s still about a hundred points higher than the likelihood that the Pope magically dematerialised during an audience.

Even to the dope who made that yt video this is probably obvious. He just knows that other cult members will like him for being so contrarian, and that’s what he’s in it for. That’s his buzz. Only people who actively search for this kind of crap will generally find it (aided by the yt algorithm), so he probably gets lots of positive feedback. It’s a self-reinforcing delusion.

A sensible person would probably have gone looking for less grainy, glitchy videos of what was after all a worldwide televised event. They might have found this version (window appearance starts at 15:00) in which the black spook can be seen as someone behind the pope adjusting his mozetta, and there is no disappearing trick.


Anyway, this thread was not intended for general QAnon conspiracy kookiness of which there is an endless supply. It’s specifically about the Out of Shadows video. Did I mention that Liz Crokin believes that “white hats” working for Trump have poisoned the adrenochrome supply of the Satanist pedophiles? Adrenochrome is the extract of tortured children’s pituitary glands that she believes they are imbibing. The poisoning will help Trump round up the bad guys so that the pizzagate conspiracy will finally be vindicated.


How do figure I’m brainwashed / deluded? I haven’t said anything about what I think.

The suggestion of the ring of Gyges as a possible explanation was an attempt at a humorous conjecture.

So back to the video…


American Evangelical Cultism. That’s 1 possibility. But every movement has a cult aspect. Even Catholicism.

There are other possible explanations.

Lets look at some of the characters in the Documentary…

Ex-CIA man (Is there such a thing?)
Journalist (Have been know on some occasions to double job as spies)
2 Veteran Hollywood Stuntmen (Born-again Christians/Disillusioned with Hollywood…aging stuntmen)

Anton LaVey (Church of Satan…60s pisstake counter cultural religion (Preaching a philosophy based around the works of Ayn Rand).)
Michael A. Aquino (Psychological warfare/New age Religion/Author of military paper: Mindwar)

The paper was written as a response to the defeat in Vietnam. (Afaik, at the time many in the military blamed the lack of public support for the defeat in Vietnam.)

At the root of any decision to institute MindWar in the U.S. defense establishment is a very simple question: Do we wish to win the next war in which we choose to become involved, and do we wish to do so with minimum loss of human life, at minimum expense, and in the least amount of time? If the answer is yes, then MindWar is a necessity. If we wish to trade that kind of victory for more American lives, economic disaster, and negotiated stalemates, then MindWar is inappropriate, and if used superficially will actually contribute to our defeat

Interesting points made:

  1. Walt Disney was aided in the purchase of land for Disneyland by ex-CIA men through front companies.
  2. Etymology of the word entertain
  3. Mass media is controlled by a few companies.
  4. The relation of between the media companies and the government (the degree to which this occurs is unclear)
  5. Exposure of Operation Mockingbird in 70s
  6. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s 91 bill to disband the CIA.
  7. CIA’s entertainment liaison office (The marines/Air force have these too)
  8. The term “Conspiracy Theory” was invented by CIA to defect criticism of JFK assassination explanation.
  9. Project Paperclip
  10. MK-Ultra
  11. Compromise and Control Operations. (State run blackmail)
  12. Movie violence and desensitization. Hollywood promoting bad morals.
  13. Allegory of the Cave applied to modern day mass media.
  14. Mass media co-opted traditional stories
  15. Assumption of trust and best interest
  16. Large Broadcasting companies being founded by ex-military
  17. Vietnam Phoenix Program
  18. Terror used in warfare. (Very old technique. See Mongols.)
  19. CIA behind introduction of LSD during 60s to subdue legitimate civil rights protest.

What I didn’t like about the documentary:

  1. The level of production felt beyond what a group of the type producing it would produce.
  2. The music added a dramatic quality that made it feel like it was playing up the claims being made.
  3. Terms: Hollywood/Television/Channels/Medium/Programming -> Interesting connection, but not sure about the factual basis of this one.
  4. Flashing shot of Egypt/Easter Island/Stone Henge/Atlantis?/angkor wat/mayan temple didn’t make sense.
  5. Many of the points raised in the documentary are thinly discussed or placed out of meaningful context.
  6. There’s an undertone of fear mongering. This makes it seem like a piece of propaganda.
  7. From about 57min mark it goes into the pizzagate stuff. I don’t know enough about this topic to comment in detail.The “avantgard” art shown looks creepy to me and the people featured seem like rich bored weirdos. Beyond that, we have to remember the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. The documentary conflates the Jeffrey Epstein case (factual) with pizzagate (hypothetical). Predatory sexual behaviour by the Hollywood moguls (eg Weinstein) is another separate topic. (factual)

Unproven claims requiring investigation:

  1. Traumatic emotional events depicted in movies may have an emotionally damaging effect on developing minds, encouraging dissociative behavior.
  2. Satanic cults in highschools/colleges/government? Not sure about this one…Actually I’m very skeptical about this claim given what we’ve learnt about the goings on in Northern Ireland during the troubles…
  3. Psychotronic/Electromagnetic/ELF weapons influencing the mind. Never seen any evidence of this.

My current hypothesis about the purpose of this documentary:

This documentary leads the viewers along on a magical journey 1st through a deluge of legitimate, historically proven (mostly) conspiracies into the realm of pure speculation. The documentary actually does what it accuses the media of doing. It has an agenda. Facts combined with 1/2 truths and untruths to create a cloud of mental overload and confusion (muddying the waters.).
Emotionally, at the end of documentary, a very disturbing subject matter is presented, expressed in a strong emotional way. Without clear evidence of the claims made and without a resolution. (bambi?)
Something very strange going on here…


According to the creator of this 27min video, the below picture may make a lot more sense.



Oh! What is this yet another video sent to ROOM 101.

It is still available on bitchute.com with a quick search.


Too much effort to join, login etc. So what does the video say about her then?


You can watch without logging In - it just may take a little waiting as the video is bit torrent based platform afaik, thus the name.


thanks OW



Wow! I’d seen a few clips, but … :icon_eek: