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No Bail for Maxwell.


A snippet of a recent Newsmax broadcast. Epstein. Gates. Fauci.


Geraldo Rivera comes across as very sympathetic to Ghislaine Maxwell predicament in this short video.

Justin Baragona @justinbaragona

Geraldo Rivera blasts the judge for denying Ghislaine Maxwell bail, calls the charges against her “wobbly” at best, and says the judge “chickened out” and is “copping out to the mob”

Video here: https://twitter.com/justinbaragona/status/1283125218823884804


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The Kate Awakening

Jul 8th 2020, 3 tweets, 2 min read

Here’s an interesting connection I hadn’t heard of before.

Hillary Clinton gave Ghislaine Maxwell’s fresh-out-of-college, 25-year-old nephew a job at the State Dept, putting him in charge of the Obama administration’s Libya and Syria policy.

Here’s a little sauce on the family and an email from the HRC Wikileaks dump showing Alex was indeed at the State Department Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs in 2010.

Oh, and Alex’s grandfather was the creater of the birth control pill. :upside_down_face:

Carl Djerassi, 91, a Creator of the Birth Control Pill, Dies Dr. Djerassi was one of two chemists working with a student assistant who in 1951 first synthesized a hormone that became the key ingredient of the contraceptive pill.https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2015/02/01/us/carl-djerassi-dies-at-91-forever-altered-reproductive-practices-as-a-creator-of-the-pill.amp.html

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Some celebrity. Getting similar attention like the current Minster For Children Roderic O’Gorman did, but maybe for a longer time, both seem to have done some scrubbing of their online social media accounts, in this case reports are 60,000 tweets deleted by Chrissy Teigen.

There are a lot of screen grabs and image montages out there in the twitter zone, of what can only be described as very ropey tweets (assuming they are accurate copies).


Yes, they’re all actual tweets that she’s posted over the last several years. She’s a sick, sick puppy. I’ve no idea who she is or what she does but Hollywood and the music industry is absolutely riddled with pedophelia and child abuse. :unamused:.


This twitter acc claims she was on this case.

Emerald Robinson @EmeraldRobinson

It looks like Judge Salas was given the Jeffrey Epstein/Deutsche Bank case on Wednesday.



Suspect is now dead.

The suspect in the fatal shooting of a federal judge’s son, who was an attorney that had a previous case in front of the judge, has been found dead, law enforcement sources told ABC News…

…The suspect was a white man who wore a face covering and a FedEx uniform, law enforcement sources told ABC News, and he used an ordinary car to make a getaway…

…The suspect has now been identified as Roy Den Hollander, a Manhattan lawyer and self-described antifeminist, multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the case told ABC News…

…Hollander’s body was discovered in a car by a municipal employee in the town of Rockland, New York. He died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, the sources said. New York State Police were on scene and the FBI was called.


Theres a fkn surprise…


Expectations that court docs would be released today but, some have and others pending:

Also Twitter unroll.

Techno Fog

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The Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein) documents have been unsealed.

Will be posting excerpts here -

Starting with allegations of minor being trafficked to Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz (as prev. alleged).


The trafficking scheme was international in scope - in France, Ghislaine Maxwell ordered her give an “erotic massage” to a French hotel magnate.

Deposition of the victim:

“I was ordered by Ghislaine (Maxwell) to go and give him an erotic massage.”

Serious allegations -

Maxwell directed the minor to have sex with former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky at Epstein’s complex in the US Virgin Islands.

(Minsky pictured.)

Allegations against Dershowitz -

Not only did Dershowitz abuse the minor, but he helped draft a non-prosecution agreement that gave Dershowitz immunity.


Witness interview:

Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and “2 young girls.”

Emails between Epstein and Maxwell:

Epstein instructs Maxwell on how to deny allegations.

Epstein tells Maxwell:

She had “done nothing wrong.”

“Go to parties. Deal with it.”

This is big:

The FBI was in contact with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s minor victim back in 2014.

Yet they did nothing.

Heartbreaking -

The minor victim was asking the FBI for the evidence (photos and videos) they seized from Epstein.


So she could prosecute her civil case.

Remember that famous Prince Andrew photo with Ghislaine Maxwell and the victim?

The FBI had their own copy for years - even before the victim’s 2011 FBI interview.

The FBI knew. They always knew.

The DOJ let free Epstein’s co-conspirator’s in the FL case.

This included Maxwell and Sarah Kellen.

Here the victim describes the abuse during flights from Epstein, Maxwell, and Kellen.

Now - let’s put things into context.

We previously broke what the FBI/DOJ (in 2008) knew about Epstein.

Main Justice (DC DOJ) was helping run the Epstein case - and even delayed the grand juries.

At the time Epstein signed his plea deal…

The FBI and DOJ knew it had not interviewed all his victims.

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Seems to be the full unreacted listings.