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It’s a big club…

It is…

The entertainment industry mingles with politicians too often for my taste. There was Fear & Loathing Venezuela, where Ghislaine Maxwell owned a compound at La Orchila. Musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were about to expose some of their friends and acquaintances. The people they were exposing participated in the same human trafficking rings involving Jeffrey Epstein and James Alefantis. Chris (Soundgarden, Audioslave), Chester (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots), Anthony Bourdain (CNN) and Avicii (Top EDM DJ) were supposedly working on a documentary called the Silent Children.


Kurt Cobain, Nick Drake and Ian Curtis were also working on producing this one. :rofl:

Bob Saget Dead today (supposedly on a Corey Feldman list) a comedian they say, never heard of him, but wtf is this for a tribute show or something… - "BOB SAGET WHO RAPED AND KILLED A GIRL IN 1990"

The way stuff just appears now, whatever it is.

That’s an interesting anecdote about Prince Andrew :flushed:

Could have been spliced in as a joke, a bit of satire eh. :man_shrugging:

Note: That Doctor Sleep clip, ffs, you might have to skip.

However, an iInteresting collection and compilation of what others had noted, especially that 2005 weeds clip.

New pizzagate thing

Cremaster and the dancer with the missing leg, suddenly makes sense now.

It was interesting to watch when that came out at the time, how no one in the “art world” was able to spot it was based on masonic initiation rituals and so unless they did their research and even then it might not have connected, and people watched it all the way through, paining and killing themselves to dig it or get it, or find some value or worth in it, trying to explain the absolute waste of time and space they just encountered, trying to make it work in their heads when the only excusable reaction was to vomit, if you did not have the self control to stare the sickness straight in the eyes.

I wonder did this telegram get that moving or was it afert the fact:

- this is not fun stuff ok -

Read every single post in this thread.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

Vigilantes to hunt pedophiles.


Src: Telegram: Contact @ShadowofEzra

Here is the unroll of that tweets:

While I’m not familiar with this artist at all behind the Fire from the sun images.

I am gonna say they are either working from life or photos derived from a photo shoot, either or all requires real children to achieve those images, adults and possibly also body parts, or something to place hold for them (movie props) - the anatomy and dynamic weight of the figures is too good to be otherwise IMHO.

Remember you are dealing with an Art world totally lost, where creators are conditioned to create literal shyte and the audience is told the literal shyte has value and no one question any of it because LARGE SUMS OF MONEY overides all.

Also I have no idea re the Catoon Network video.

That kidz is how you launder your Satanism and subversion of creation
in plain site an get the kidz to join in without the parents ever knowing!

Tucker called it.

The late Andrew Breitbart posted this several years before Pizzagate:

It was still there a month ago when I screenshot it but it’s been deleted since…

For sure art world is a joke.
Here is the Guardian with a scathing article on Hunter Biden’s painting/laundering enterprise.

And if you really think that Hunter’s paintings earned their price tag on artistic merit alone, then I have an overpriced painting of a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

It’s like the Bidenss have agreed to prove all rumors and speculation on multiple topics true, as part of a grand public information exercise.

They all knew Hunter Biden was a piss artist
But a shit artist as well??