Outside Anglo this morning

This just came through on the Bush telegraph, I hope it’s real. It looks real. Suprised it has taken this long.


Any idea what time this was. I was in the ofice early this morning 7.30 am, Stephens green, didnt see a thing.

The timestamp on the photo is 7.22am this morning.

Where’s Patrick Neary?

Pat McHugh???


Wish they’d done a spell and grammar check. Might be pedantic, but if you’re going to that much effort would it hurt to give the spelling a quick once-over?

I wonder if this is the same crowd that did the cement truck in Galway?

Given the mention of Anglo Galway and similar use of a “vehicle” to the April 1st demonstration there, I wonder is there any connection between the two.


Blue Horseshoe

[EDIT: You beat me to it Whizzbang!] :laughing:


John Gormally???

Use of builders’ vehicles…
No mention of property developers on the banner…

Man, I could make detective yet!

I am a pain-in-the-arse pedant but if this is for real I’m exta-ic!!
Who cares about the words? The message is clear.
Will this rouse the rabble?


Aw … :cry:

I’m exta-ic too - I just wish they’d called me and asked me to do a spell check first :slight_smile:

Again ‘no’ on the rabble-rousing aspect :frowning:

facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4 … 3555717244
another shot of it, so seems real.

Pics from that FaceBook link:



At least someone is putting their money to good use. That size banner doesn’t come cheap. (I wonder did they get a loan or an extension on their overdraft :laughing: )

I would guest the “Heros” though, feels more like “FOOLS” to me.

Has anyone seen the Bank in Drogheda. It has pictures of Daleks in the windows and something about the future. I can’t remember.

In 2007 nearly 1 million heroes voted FF. They borrowed heroically in the hope of heroic capital appreciation. The heroic dream was perfect in its simplicity - just hang on and one day sell this shitbox on for a giant profit to some other gobshite. Everyone should be blamed but not the heroes.