Thats hilarious! Seriously! They must see us coming a mile away!

Welcome to County Bulgaria - only 4-5 hours from the centre of Dublin* :laughing:

  • depending on whether the Port tunnel is operational or not

It’s better than County Bondi surely… :wink:

You couldn’t make it up super size my pyramid scheme dude. Trying to sell a second hand holiday apartment in Bulgaria is like trying to sell bottled Galway tap water at the moment. :blush:

If it was not for people like Barryo and Auto320 over at AAM there would be a lot more lambs to the slaughter.

Why Bulgaria?

**1/3 of Sunny Beach holiday homes on the market
Some 1,000 vacation homes in Black Sea resorts Sunny Beach and St. Vlas have been listed for sale, shows data of local real estate brokerage portal imoti.net.
A third of the apartments were bought at 600-800 euro/sq m three to four years ago and now the owners are trying to sell them at double the purchase price.
The holiday homes have been listed after the rent income they generated fell short of their owners’ expectations.
Most of the units are occupied for no more than 3 weeks and that amount of rent income is insufficient to cover year-round maintenance, let alone eke out a profit, commented imoti.net analysts.
The asking price of holiday homes in the two resorts starts from 450 euro/sq m and tops out at 2,500 euro/sq m with the average price at 900 euro/sq m.
Oversupply has developers struggling to move properties still under construction at sale prices above 1,000-1,200 euro/sq m, forcing them to throw in incentives like furnishings.
Only fully-furnished seaview properties command sale prices of over 1,600 euro/sq m.(Dnevnik)


I have been to Bulgaria a good few times and Sunny Beach is not a good place to invest. It suffers from massive over construction and you can buy an apartment there cheaper than you could have a couple of years ago (unless you buy from an Agent in Ireland). If you ask local bulgarians what they think of Sunny Beach they all hate it. I never met any bulgarian that liked Sunny Beach. Stay well away from it! There are other places in Bulgaria that would have better investment opportunities.

Sunny Beach is really just a nice seaside town, with 100,000s of apartments in it… *

maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q … &z=14&om=1

*I’ve no idea how many but it looks like a lot.