Over heard On the train this morning

A conversation between two Young women
One of whom was explaining how they were going to get a three bed place and rent out two of the rooms for 400 each and that would cover the mortgage.
The first woman was sceptical gently inquiring what would happen when interest rates go back up in a year or two
the first woman replies “but sure I’ll be earning way more by then, and rents will go up too”

She then went on to describe why she wanted to buy her first place on her own not with someone.
Apparently it’s better that way because you get two first time buyer grants and then you have two houses when you marry
obviously two houses are better than one.

I swear to god
I almost launched into a rant…

Did either of them mention anything about the two year comas they have obviously just recovered from?

Ah well.

I’m sure that one of our society’s responsible professionals will very quickly set her straight on the true state of affairs - one of the mortgage brokers, the bank managers, the estate agents, the property journalists, the politicians elected to represent her…

Sure aren’t they all there to serve their society and the normal working people in that society.

Why else would society allow them to occupy their responsible and privileged positions?

What has she got to worry about?

In fairness the second one was obviously well aware of how crazy her friend was and trying to gently burst her bubble

But shur by the time she gets into trouble with her mortgage, debt forgiveness will be up and running along with the bleeding heart quango set up to run it.

She’s a right savvy one so she is.

WRT the “other” thread,

This sort of shite of course is to be pursued to the ends of hell when (it will) dis-intergrate.
Two houses = speculation

Who the f*ck would marry a halfwit like this? Brendan O’Connor?

Well if Frank Fahy can find someone… :open_mouth: 8- :open_mouth:

maybe she’s a plant, designed to provoke commuters like ewd3 so they can be identified, abducted and reprogrammed

As an aside, I always thought it was a ‘tad’ unfair that a couple buying together will only ever get the one FTB grant whereas if they bought separately they’d benefit from 2…Maybe a 1.5+ FTB for couples would have encouraged more sensible first time purchases instead of the first foot on the ladder crap the 20somethings lumbered themselves with

FTB grant? I thought they went out with the Ark.

FTB mortgage interest relief at higher rates maybe? Or have I missed something?

More likely would have pushed the prices up even more, after all they could afford to pay more.

stamp duty exemption d’oh :blush:

We got that in '04

No you see they’ll have a kid and then have santa give him an investment apartment for Christmas. Poor lad is afraid the bank is going to take his wee little investment apartment off him.

Even at today’s low low interest rates, a €800 a month mortgage repayment would equate to a mortgage of approx €180-200k (depending on the length).

To rend bedrooms for 400 per month it would want to be a reasonable place in a reasonable part of a large city.

Assuming she doesn’t have large cash reserves, if she can get a 3 bed in a decent area for c. €200k then fair play to her.

I agree; however, even buying in Dublin which is where there are actually tenants available (and I assume OP was on the Dart or something like it), €400/month is the going rate if it’s within 3-4km of city centre. Basically it makes it Beaumont, Dublin 8 areas liek Inchicore, et.c, . But, there is no chance of one of those places going for €200k.

As an aside, it’s a disturbing insight into Dublin women - that they view success as monstrous debt which they won’t be able to afford. Rent a room is not Rent Some Rooms.

She will need to be flogging two double rooms to get 800E in then. And even then she may not make it.