Over-Wrought Prose

Puke alert.

We should have an annual Pin competition for the most pretentious prose.


Its not only the prose that is over-wrought. Look at the price

So tis still mid 2006 in leafy Rathgar.

Maybe someone should post them a calendar.

Im off to plant some trees, leaves obviously add hundreds of thousands to the value of a home.

Is that Bertie on Dail tv in the 9th photo? Maybe it was written and priced back then! :angry:


At least they didn’t just have one plant and move it around.


bit gaudy isn’t it?

The decor is tacky. They probably paid someone to do it and all.It screams footballers wives. The price is bonkers

which source was this? Liz O’Kane or some other property schill

or just the residents?

Reminds me of those news of the world soccer transfer rumours provided by ‘sources close to the player’

There is sweet FA French looking about any of these photos. French furniture can be very tasteful and decor creating atmosphere whereas this is well, muck and gaudy like a fairground attraction or an expensive bordello.
Its a pity we dont have smellyvision we would probably get the oversweet waft of that new fragrance thats all the rage whats it called? Ah yes “Rub it on twice” by the House of “She must be Hummin” :unamused:

Over a million a bedroom, tis a snip!

Thats the most hideous thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Nouveau riche doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

These seem to be new houses, built after 2005 on school land.

If I’m paying 6.6m for a place, I’d want a massive garden.

Here’s the OSI 2005 satellite image:

And the houses being built, Bing Maps:



Here’s how to present a house.

This was a mews house for sale in Palmerston Court, D6 over a year ago:

Fairly neutral, leaving the buyer with plenty of scope to add their own style.

TV over the fireplace; looks tacky and gives you a neck-ache.


Oh, the omnipresent bunch-of-twisty-twigs in a vase. I now fully expect to see a few of these in anywhere advertising itself as smart, stylish and urbane. I blame John Rocha circa 2001 for these damn things, as I first remember spotting them in the Morrison Hotel round then and remember thinking, “Curly sticks in an oversize vase? How silly. Yet somehow smart, stylish and urbane.”

For over-wrought prose see:


There are a couple of absolute corkers in it.

Jesus. Tony Montana would be embarrassed by this place.