Overlooked garden

Hi folks,

I went to view this house at the weekend which I kind of like. My only con at the moment is the garden being a bit overlooked by the neighbors at the back. Based on the photos below, please disregard everything else on the photos, is this a pretty common overlooked garden in Ireland? Is there way to work around to get some privacy? I mean, trees, plants, fences, etc.

Also, would this be a deal breaker for you?

I let you hit me your thoughts.




You can also see into their garden :wink:

There’s a bit of a “don’t look” attitude with back to back housing…

A few nice trees and you’re sorted!

Our last place was exactly like that, it was never an issue. The mrs wouldn’t have been into nude sunbathing anyway…

That’s a bit worse than most as the house behind seems to be up a slope. But still some strategic planting would break up the view for both houses.

Don’t forget that depending on the slope the garden can also end up being overlooked by houses to either side of the lower house, which can be more annoying especially if it’s a north facing garden where you’ve to go the top of the garden to get sun. The back of the garden could be like a raised platform. I think the neighbours to the left have built up a fence of 3 foot on top of a 6 foot wall, perhaps to get around this problem.

…all bets off of course when the neighbours’ children get a trampoline, lots of unanticipated overlook possible then

Grew up in such an off-set scenario. There is no way to fully avoid being overlooked. Our neighbours at the back would walk up to the wall and have a chat with us, it was only a high wall for us.

A possible solution would be if they were good enough to grow some hedges on their side, which seems unlikely and asking them will make them think they’ve a snobby fook as a new neighbour.

Good luck with the Mrs :wink: Mine has similar notions about being overlooked etc. Lived in one-off housing all her life.

My house is similar and it doesn’t really bother me, it’s more the kids that use the garden than us anyway. Not ideal of course but in Reference to the other thread about compromising on orientation or location, not being overlooked would be a lot further down my list of priorities.

It’s not a problem at all. A few evergreen shrubs and you’re ok.

In fact, there are advantages to being overlooked: if you’re house is being broken into during the day, there’s a better chance that neighbours might see an intruder at the back and report it. If you’re elderly and you fall at the back of your house and cannot get up, maybe a good Samaritan in the house at the back might help you out.

It all depends on the neighbours. I’ve experience with a neighbour who refused the building of the wall higher, and complained when trees started coming up over the wall.

6 leylandii and you won’t have to worry about it.

Well, you want to consider your own light and your neighbours. There’s no much point in having a garden if it is dark and damp all year round as you’ve bordered it to the hilt.

Not Leylandii - unprunable weed trees guaranteeing oppresion to both properties!
Put up a decent shed and flank with some decent planting.
Unless you are up to gross indecency or serious illegality (in which case
the neighbours will have you on You Tube anyway) you are probably OK.
My nude poteen making out back has been undisturbed for years due to artful screening by shed and shrub!

11m from back of house to back wall is planning standard for estates. My in-laws house has a similar set up and you really can’t see into the garden. You can see into the house though, so horizontal blinds add privacy…or net curtains if you’re into that sort of thing

I absolutely hate leylandii. They’re vile, unsightly, stinky things that grow wildly out of control.


I thought views like that were the norm in housing estates. It was where I grew up and in any housing estate I was ever in.