Overpriced by how much in Rathfarnham?

Just wondering what your thoughts are are these two houses.

Both in Charelville Sq in Rathfarnham, what are they worth today?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/135781

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/124532

terraced is a 4 bed, semi is a larger 5 bed

Very limited outdoor space in both and no front gardens. It’s also my opinion that these kinds of developments - houses mixed with apartments - are not that suitable for family homes (Bushy Park House would be a very similar development in this area). They just lack that space to kick a ball around out front or other kids to play with like you find on traditional suburban roads. Also, and it is just a personal opinion, these homes lack an X-factor wrt being fully-formed suburban semi-d’s. They seem to me to never quite escape the impression that they are just big apartments…perhaps it is the lack of a traditional front garden, how tightly packed they seem and the proximity of so many apartments (as is the case in Charleville). Just IMO, don’t mean to disrespect anyone’s house. I also suspect there’s a management fee.

€300k tops for the 4-bed IMO.

Sorry, I guess I asked the question the wrong way (deleted a bit from first post), I suppose I’m really wondering if the 5 bed is really worth what the 4 bed is selling for … or less. And if so how much the 4 bed is really worth.


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i will stand corrected, but I believe the houses don’t pay the managment fee here. I know someone who sold their 2nd floor 2 bed apartment in 2007 for 620K.
Pretty sure those 5 beds were going for ~1M at one stage.

It is very well kept in there and Bushy Park is across the road (is a cut through the estate opposite it).

You could do alot better for 500K in this area even at the moment and who knows what these might fall to…
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/129700
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/122967

The sales blurb for the 5-bed mentions a mgmt. fee of €950 p.a.

Any other thoughts worth wise?

Wow! :open_mouth: Bonkers stuff. What did your friend do with the cash?

He bought a house with it and lost his equity in that instead :smiley:
He considered holding onto the apartment and letting it so bullet dodged there.

I’m renting one of the apartments there and no complaints. The houses have their own bins so I imagine that, if they’re paying a management charge, it’s significantly less than what our landlord is playing. +1 on what has previously been said - the whole place is well-built (2001), is in a handy location and everyone seems to get along well (no noise or bonkers neighbours issues).

The houses are packed very tightly together though, and forget about a back garden (worth checking out the complex on Google Maps satellite view). A large preponderance of oversized SUVs about the place too, if that grinds your gears. Though besides that, and the fact that it’s a wanky ‘gated complex’, there’s nothing justifying 600 grand for one of those gaffs. 300k no more no less would be my offer here, as someone better than me is fond of saying.

Aside: viewed another of the apartments last year when considering moving. Unlike the previous poster’s friend, it was owned by a couple who HAD decided to hang on to it and let it out after buying a house. They clearly weren’t enjoying the process of getting tenants in at rates much lower than they’d been expecting - I almost felt bad for not taking the apartment and helping them out.

Are you allowed to include the actic space in the square footage of these houses? For that matter should they be advertised as 3 & 4 bed homes rather than 4 & 5?

I saw it on a thread elsewhere but afaik you can only call the attic a bedroom officially if adheres to certain standards, headspace etc

I saw this on the webternet


Indeed, at least 50% of the floor area that has a ceiling height of 5 foot or more must have a ceiling height of no less than 8 feet.

In general there are practically no attic conversions where this will apply. It’s something you would normally have to build into design, e.g. Dormer Bungalows etc.

In most houses it will mean a very high roof ridge height, or rather a very steep looking roof incline compared to what you would normally see on your average house.

The terraced one has been taken off the market :question:

Fairways has been taken off the market unsold I’d guess … didn’t notice it going sale agreed.