Overpriced Rental Accomodation.

I was just a browsing, DAFT and I saw this


€3,630 - 3bed

By the looks of it, you don’t get much space and the bathroom doesn’t seem to have a window (oh no not anohter feckin toilet fan!).

A bargain though! :wink: Yeah right.

While this is part of the new redevelopment this is certainly not “family” friednly rent/pricing, so how can the feck can we expect people to move into the City again an all o that stuff if this is the best we can offer.

My friend recently moved up to Dublin and while he got a nice place some of the stories he was telling me about people trying to get accommodation were unreal. One ‘room’ was actually a bed placed on a mostly enclosed balcony! And another offer was where a couple had bought a 2 bed apartment and were willing to let someone stay there Mon-Fri they wanted them out at the weekend!

To be fair, they are aiming at the megabucks “ideal for corporate rent” set.

If the crowd who are cheerful to pay €4000 for a Dublin to Rome business class flight are willing to pay 4 grand a month for a flat in town, that wouldn’t raise my eyebrows.

Indeed when you consider the cost of business class hotels, 43K a year might be a bargain for a subsidiary of a US company which needs to house many visitors from HQ every year.

While that jet set has very deep pockets and will happily pay any inflated price, their numbers are in fact limited.

And when enough people cotton on to the money to be made milking that demographic, the market’ll be tapped out quick-smart.

I seem to have posted this twice :blush: Whoops.

Intersting stories, unreal is right! I’ve seen a few thing smyself but nothing to write home about.

Tell me this, did your friend reveal their shock in the moment at this while viewing these places?

I am aware of this market but TBH there is enough of that kind of property (larger & nicer too) on Daft. This one is in Smithfield, not an area traditional for this kind of property nor market and I do admit the market has changed somewhat in thelast 10 years but I think they have go thtis one badly wrong.

reminds me of years back when i was first looking for a place in Dublin…myself and Mrs. TTV went to view a one bed apartment on parnell street…it was nicely furnished, cheap rent and the landlord seemed friendly…he then went into the history of how he met his wife and the type of work she did (Masseus/Acupunturist). He then layed out his proposial…she would be working from the apartment and we would have to be out by 10 am each morning and could return at 5…he also said they would chip in for the ESB…i always wonder if they got someone in under those terms when i pass the place…

Incredible. :open_mouth:

Great story, ttv.

yeah its a strange one alright, imagine having to remove all traces of your existence by 10 am each morning, having to get out of bed even if you were sick off work…i’d bank on there being some strange arrangments around dublin at the moment with the “rental shortage”…

I once went to view a room in a houseshare. There were no internal doors in the house at all, only manky looking blankets nailed to each of the door frames. It was £60 a week (plus bills) in 1996.

And people wonder why Irish people take a dim view of renting.

Most of us take a dim view of sobriety too, doesn’t mean that going easy on the beer is a bad idea.

Renting is the sensible way to go, has been for years. Buying will become a good idea if prices go back to 1998 levels and simply stay there.

We need someone to have a debate on simply freezing house prices absolutely. Even if it totally destroys the incentive to build new houses, that’s hardly a problem, we already have 250K empty ones.

I think a price freeze would be welcomed by sellers right now :wink:

Were do you think rents will go, I think they might also go back to 2000 levels as well, they ahve been largely static for the last 4 year only moving now.

Rents went up in the UK at the end of the 1990 crash although there is a probably a lot more BTL in this market.

I would TOTALLY rather buy at the top of a bubble than live in those conditions!!


A freeze is like a cartel trick - let em build ! Any I want to know the distribution of these empties. I suspect alot are out west and in outer “suburbs” of Dublin. You could be looking at serious car dependency in then future.

Open Window said we need to start from scratch and he has a point. Maybe not completely from scratch but we do need bigger properties. Cheaper properties. Better built properties. Better located properties. Better planned locations etc etc.

A price freeze would be disastrous. Ah but so would building on!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can top all of your stories!

A few years back my girlfriend was looking for a house share and she came across a lovely house in Sandymount. The house was literally a minute away from the Dart and five minutes walk to work, rent was reasonable too. When she went to the house for an arranged viewing, she was greeted by a nice, polite young lady and her frail mother who was sat at a rocking chair. The lady then showed her around a lovely and exquisitely decorted house with all the modern trappings. At this point, the girlfriend was ready to pay out the deposit there and then, knowing that a place like this must surely be one in a million. Before she had a chance though, the polite young woman stipulated there were conditions behind the tenancy.

The mother had to be accompanied to mass several times a week, dropped off and collected at a community centre during weekdays, taken to the shops several times a week, etc. She was provided meals on wheels for the daytime during weekdays, all other meals were to be prepared for by the girlfriend. If the girlfriend was planning on leaving the house for any period of time, she would have to inform the mother’s daughter a week in advance. Here’s the kicker. The old dear was doddery and didn’t have full control of her facilities, so it was expected the girlfriend would have to help her clean up after her little accidents and keep her poppin’ fresh :open_mouth:


wow, that’s incredible, having someone pay you to be a full time carer…

I cant top these stories, but I can contribute.
I went to see a houseshare in Clondalkin with the GF a few years back. The place from the outside looked perfect, a fairly modern looking 4 bed in a nice estate with reasonable, but not cheap rent. On being shown around it was plain to see that the dining room was a bedroom and the livingroom was also a bedroom. In a 4 bed they had managed to squeeze in 7 people and were looking to take on 2 more. 9 people in 900 sq foot of house with no livingroom, one bathroom and a small kitchen for 350. Any takers ?

p.a - the place was a s**t hole , mess everywhere and stank bad.

Thats even more worrying in many respects.

I, that is Open Window lives in a 1600 sq ft house with 5 other adults.

Our landlord bought the place next door (est. 795K) and there are 6 adults living in there with approx 2 kids.

So 14 humans, 12 adult are living in 2 semi-ds, 3 miles from the city centre under the watch of one landlord. Have we planned for this? Is this right? Tenanments anyone?

No way!