Owen Keegan's Brainwaves Thread


So…equanimous motorists, but pedestrians and cyclists do what they want?

This is a totally warped view. People driving cars also generally do what they want, short of homicidally enforcing their rights by deliberately running people over.

Less than one in 10 motorists obey speed limit along Dublin quays
joe.ie/uncategorized/less-th … uays/22807


I can assure that in morning rush hour, as a pedestrian, cyclists are a greater threat to me than cars. Motorists at morning rush hour do things like blocking junctions and stopping in cycle lanes. Those are inconveniencing to other road users but it’s not comparable to a cyclist swerving his way through crossing pedestrians. Or creating a six lane road out of a narrow two way street.


Of the 32 pedestrians killed on Irish roads in 2015, how many were killed by cyclists?


That wasn’t my sample as well you know. We’re talking about congested Dublin traffic on this thread. And Owen Keegan’s bonkers plan.

Does the RSA even track the number of pedestrians hurt by cyclists. If a cyclist leaves the scene of an accident with a pedestrian can they be prosecuted? How do you get their name if you want to take a case? Do you have the right to call police in


irrelevant to the discussion.

How many pedestrians have been injured by cyclists in that time frame? How many cars have been damaged by cyclists?


Didn’t read that in detail but I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere else that braking behaviour is relevant also. This would seem more favourable at lower speeds. If Irish drivers could merge at obstructions throughput would increase also.
We tend to do it at the start of bus lanes why not at other obstructions.


I don’t know about stats on injuries, but I know of only one death.

independent.ie/opinion/analy … 56300.html

How is the relative lethality of different types of vehicles irrelevant to a discussion about speed limits imposed to reduce deaths and injuries from vehicles?

Cyclists who speed through pedestrian crossings are idiots. Hitting a pedestrian doesn’t end well for anyone, least of all the cyclist.

thejournal.ie/phoenix-park-c … 1-May2016/


I had a big long post with links but my computer ate it :imp:

15 of the 32 pedestrian deaths occurred on roads with 100kph speed limits

5 pedestrian deaths occurred in Dublin in 2015 according to RSA
According to google

  • One man fell from a bridge on the M50
  • One woman in her 70s was killed on Howth Road
  • One man in his 80s died near airport
  • One 16 year old was killed in Finglas

I can’t find the 5th death. But this means a maximum of one pedestrian death in Dublin in 2015 was in the DCC area we are talking about.


In the US 35% of pedestrians killed in RTAs are drunk: freakonomics.com/2011/12/28/the- … k-walking/

No comparable statistic for Ireland, AFAIK it’s not compiled out of respect for families, but I’d say it’s higher.


Saying cyclists are more of a threat is a massive overstatement. It completely undermines what ever point you are trying to make


@GameBlame thanks for the analysis.


someone in the city council hates road users having an unimpeded journey through the city.

luas works on the busiest streets of dublin, what a joke


Cyclists are a right menace in Galway and Dublin nowadays, especially to pedestrians. The amount of idiot cyclists about nowadays, with no lights or visibility aids on a wet winters night, is unreal.

They should get rid of that bloody tax break on bikes…which only benefits Eamon Ryan and his bicycle shop anyway, not society at large. :frowning:


One of my favourite posts:



I was going to quote this post.

It mght be of interest that a paper issued a freedom of information request for Professor Hamilton’s report quoted in this post. Keegan told them that no such report existed.

Remember Keegan’s utterly incomprensible and useless traffic signage. It was just one more of his expensive and failed vanity projects. He is the reason why there are hundreds of bare metal poles at road juctions in Dublin.

Remember the glossy expensive inserts in newspapers attempting to explain how the signs were supposed to operate.

The press release read:

The whole sign mess - design, construction and erection of signs, publicity and ultimate removal of signs - cost millions.

There is a litany of Keegan fuck-ups, all paid for by taxpayers and ratepayers. Their total cost probably runs now into hundreds of millions.

I loathe Owen Keegan. He characterises the essence of the public service: power and authority without accountability and responsibility. He makes expensive and stupid decisions that negatively impacts many others on a whim and for which he is never held account. He is vane, arrogant and ignorant.

He destroyed retail in Dun Laoghaire and now he wants to destroy retail in Dublin.


Is that right? 30kmph on the road leading to the east link bridge?

I live on a 30kmph road. It is very hard to keep to the speed limit.

For a city so in hate with cars you’d think he would have recommended to the Councillors to abolish the east link toll so that cars which had no business in town kept out of town.

rte.ie/news/business/2015/12 … link-toll/

it seems they love money more than they hate cars.


Completely bizarre…

irishtimes.com/news/environm … -1.2653820

…"The limit will not be imposed on certain radial and orbital routes. An 80km/h speed will be permitted on just three roads – the Chapelizod bypass as far as the junction with Con Colbert Road; parts of the Santry bypass; and the Dublin Port Tunnel.

A 60km/h limit will be set on a number of other main roads, including the Stillorgan dual-carriageway, the Finglas bypass, the Malahide Road, Howth Road, Naas Road and Long Mile Road.

Periodic 30km/h limits will apply on some of these larger roads during school-run times.
The council’s traffic department said it determined the speed limits following consultation with the Garda and analysis of accident data and speed surveys."…

If that’s right, then for whoever mentioned the Navan Road above (dual carriageway near Castlenock & beyond) it looks like drivers will be on a road which, off-peak seems like an 80 or 100 km/h road, but will have to try to stay under 30 or so.

Lots of cruise controls don’t work for such low speeds. How much of the driver’s concentration is going to be diverted onto their speedometer and away from the surreal experience of diving on a straight dual carriageway at near jogging pace?

Have I missed something?

This will apply on empty roads at 1am?


Yes, but the brilliant part is that within a few weeks all drivers in Dublin will have accrued 12 penalty points and thus not be allowed to drive any more AT ALL. A brilliant plan, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Strangely enough an empty road with a high speed limit at night is exactly where a cyclist or pedestrian is likely to lose their life. Perhaps because they don’t have a light or are drunk.

Fast moving traffic is scary for cyclist commuters. I can’t help wondering if this move is to make Owen Keegan’s own cycle commute less scary. Is he losing his nerve on two wheels?


TBH I’d say this fucktard is just on a power trip. As CM noted, unaccountable…

sundayworld.com/news/council … gnore-vote

And if you think that is bad, look at his shoes…