Owen Keegan's Brainwaves Thread


Cyclists are a total menace. My OH nearly killed a :nin cyclist last night. All in black, no lights, no reflectors totally pissed. Needless to say if he had hit the :nin he would be facing prosecution.


Of course your OH was likely insured and that dopey cunt of a cyclist was not. Guess who pays then.???

I swear I have a sore neck every winter watching all the mirrors in Galway to see whats coming up next from behind with no lights. :frowning:


I am sure it would have been a lucrative (if painful) evening for the fucker. Meanwhile the hike on my OH’s insurance would have made the running of his and my cars totally uneconomic and would potentially have forced major work/life changes on our family.


It sounds like that cyclist is a total menace, rather than cyclists.

“Needless to say”? Do you have a precedent? I’m not aware of anyone ever being prosecuted for hitting a pissed cyclist with no lights.


I drive a car but self identify as a cis-cyclist.

Driving in Dublin (5km radius of spire) is a pain due to cyclists at completely varible speeds, unpredictable behaviour and lack of visibility.


Is Keegan responsible for the quite bizarre proposal to reroute the Bus Lane on the North Quays and move the Croppies’ Acre
irishtimes.com/news/environm … -1.2655497

even without the “putting a bus lane though an apartment block” bit it’s a contrived design

irishcycle.com/2016/05/21/counci … et-detour/

:slight_smile: +1

yes; additionally cycling or driving in D1/2 is a pain due to idiots crossing at/around junctions when pedestrian lights are red; maybe it’s not legally termed jaywalking but I’d hazard a guess it’s illegal. It’s also inconsiderate and when you have children you realise it’s quite anti-social because of the bad example :imp:

Only a few weeks ago a chap died after an accident in the Phoenix Park because of a twat pedestrian in the [dedicated] cycling lane

The tendency of cyclists to cycle on footpaths against the flow of traffic and on pedestrian areas has increased dramatically. Furriners on Dublin Bikes are notably bad - (some groups of them are anyway).

Drivers driving and parking in the Bus Lanes are another pet peeve of mine, I try not to get too wound up; selfish inconsiderate twats will always be with us; especially in Ireland


With zero enforcement of the laws can anyone be surprised. There should be a law that allows you to punch any pedestrian or cyclists who doesn’t have a high vis or light at night. Maybe just shoot drivers who break the speed limit or break stop signs. I’m only partially serious of course


John McGahern’s ‘Memoir’ contains a vignette about his father, a rural garda sergeant in 1940s Leitrim, coming home furious after a day in court when a judge failed to sanction a man he had caught cycling without lights at night.

Should be on the reading list down in Templemore I say.


These utterly strange bylaws are up for public consultation next month, be sure to ‘consult’ and encourage everyone you know to do likewise :open_mouth:


independent.ie/irish-news/we … 26908.html

Dun Laoghaire businesses love Owen. He did so much for them. Such a lovely quality of the environment. And closed shops. Many, many closed shops.


Why Dún Laoghaire retailers may have to get out of Dodge

Better Road, Grumpier Drivers and the Logic of Discontent


Negativity about DL is like an infectious disease at this stage. It has to be the most conservative - change averse place on the planet. You would swear the parking regime was draconian - there is no clamping guys! I generally don’t bother my arse to pay for stays less than 20-30 mins - I have yet to get a ticket! That is in the last 15 years. Does anyone remember what DL was like when there was no paid parking. OK if you don’t you couldn’t get a space for DART commuters. Maybe rates have an effect on the number of vacant properties and then again maybe the massive recession (depression?) of the last decade had an effect. Did Owen Keegan pick up his (unfair) bad rep in DL or did those who hate him already hate him for his attempts to allow busses access the city in preference to cars.


Every time I go to DL I find nothing I want to buy.

The retailers are competing with better options than 20 years ago and have failed to adapt.

Having the oldest population in the country is probably not great for retail innovation either.

The local authority is a handy whipping boy. (The library is amazing btw)


Careful now.

‘We were right,’ says council in John Waters jail row
independent.ie/irish-news/we … 55590.html

Seems to me that the broader issue is that the council is trying to turn DL into a more pleasant place for its residents by limiting car traffic, but that is incompatible with it being a “shopping destination” for people from outside the area who can’t (or don’t want) to get there by public transport.

Carrickmines and (to a lesser extent) Dundrum can cope with the traffic, it makes no sense to be routing large volumes of car traffic to DL, and there isn’t the space to be hosting big-box retailers.

Seems like it would make more sense to support the transformation of DL into a residential + catering and small retail place, like a supersized Dalkey, a place people want to live in and visit by Dart or bike. Nobody goes to Carrickmines for fun, and Dundrum TC is a soulless retail hellhole even with its fountains and restaurants.


+1 we’ll visit you in jail. Bring a rock hammer.

The fella with the picture framing business thinks demographics and schools closing are the cause of his troubles :open_mouth:


I think the mantra about Dun Laoghaire being a wasteland is superficial and somewhat out of date. Of course there are problems…the old shopping centre and the plethora of charity shops are among these. But as the earlier poster says DL is not Carrickmines or Dundrum. It is a victorian town with a vast range of services: shoe repair, key cut, bank, post office, curtains, shoes, clothes, trendy junk in Sostrene Green, change my books in the library, cheap junk in £ shops, pilates classes in vedas spa etc etc.
Then I can have coffee or food and go to the cinema and a nice bracing walk on the seafront.

If I want to do the kind of shopping that needs a car I go to Dunnes, Cornelscourt.


Absolutely. I will visit Dundrum centre only for the cinema, theatre and restaurants. There is no other earthly reason to go there.


For the record I won’t be doing any publicity stunts. I will pay the fine willingly if I get done even if it is on minute 16.


Just back from another 2 shop visit to the DL Death Zone. Parked up easy enough. That’s another 50c in my fine paying account.


Surely your pictures must all be framed by now.