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I bought one off him to frame the ticket that hasn’t landed yet!


As someone said about a crisis also being an opportunity, there’s no doubt in my mind that Keegan is using this to embed some of the changes that have been so often campaigned against by motorists and retailers. I wonder how many of the temporary changes will become permanent.

Dublin’s College Green is set to be pedestrianised – and cars restricted throughout the city – under plans to reopen the city centre as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

A joint report from Dublin City Council chief executive Owen Keegan and Brendan O’Brien of its traffic department said “the same level of vehicular traffic cannot be accommodated in the city as before”, and in a number of locations “motorised vehicles” would have to banned after 11am each day.

The report describes the proposal as a “temporary mobility plan” which would be introduced over the next three to six months in line with the Government’s road map for reopening society, published last week.

However, it is understood the measures will remain in place for at least 12 to 18 months, with some likely to be retained on a permanent basis.

Personally I look forward to seeing how some of it works; the centre of Dublin City is a traffic strewn kip at the best of times. I like it most on a bank holiday weekend when you can actually move around.
Irish Times article


The bike nazi has seen his chance to use a national emergency to further his aims. Surely somebody has to stop this - during the trial period, buses were unable to use College Green. They were diverted up Dame Street to cross the river going north, adding 20-30 minutes to journey times.

How are his plans for a white water center progressing?


Rapidly :getmecoat:


It has been fabulous the last number of weeks. I’m personally delighted with the Covid mitigations they’ve put in place. Never waste a crisis etc, but also it makes perfect sense. We cannot prioritise single occupant cars in a situation were public transport is impaired. It’s just not practical.


Do you think people will be happy to use crowded buses and trams after this is over, given we know its spread mostly within enclosed environments?

Even car pooling will surely fall foul of social distancing guidlines.

Granted it possible that a lot of people may be working from home after this, but in terms of those who require mobility Id guess modes of private transport will be preferred by most.


So glad you’ve had a fabulous time of it recently, this seems to suit you… perhaps you can stand by with fresh strings for Nero s fiddle…

The return to work guidance states:

“Workers should be encouraged to travel alone if using their personal cars for work or
at a maximum be accompanied by one passenger who shall be seated in adherence
with physical distancing guidance.”
linked here: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/22829a-return-to-work-safely-protocol/

You can’t have your cake and eat it, public transport is an ideal transmission method, and the free bus pass might be on the way out.


The city environment has been fabulous without motor traffic. Obviously in parallel there are great tragedies to people’s livelihoods and loss of loved ones.

I cannot understand why anyone would choose pre Covid levels of traffic in the city. It’s wrong in so many levels and the minimal benefits to the ~45,000 individuals benefiting cannot justify it. If public transport or active transit are not an option for people then hopefully working from home might be.

The quoted part of the guidelines are for people driving for work, as distinct to those driving to work. I’d like to see the former greatly reduced in scale but the latter should go swing unless there are extenuating hardships.


I would love to use public transport, but advocates seem to think the stick over the carrot is going to work and it’s not. Buses that don’t arrive, trains that cost more than a days pay for many, connections hours or days apart, Gardai seizing electric scooters.

Look at Berlin or New York - you’d be mad to own a car and why - cheap, reliable systems. Pushing the populace into a truly crap system that is already overloaded is going to cause mayhem and unrest. Equally leveraging a crisis like this to mandate it is wrong. Make public transport attractive and people will flock to it.


Some of these problems are likely to resolve themselves due to less people being at work and more people working from home.

Its also likely however that many people will not want to use public transport for some time to come.

I wonder will there also be an increase in people seeking to move out of more crowded urban areas


There are people for whom the carrot will never work. They want long haul business class levels of comfort. I’ve seen some epic tantrums on the Luas from people who felt impinged upon by the most minor of social exposures.

E Scooters being fast tracked in UK. Legal issues here were resolved per my understanding.

The impact per person of moving so much metal around just can’t be justified. That’s before you consider the non spatial challenges such as noise and air pollution.

Even if the balance was shifted to remove rat runners from residential streets and to make quiet routes for those who choose to walk/cycle it would be vastly more liveable. Even minor concessions like this fall on the altar of motor dom.


Fabulous? Are you serious? Empty streets signify mass unemployment and death, nothing good about this if you care to examine it in any detail.


Barriers closed a stretch of Deansgate, Manchester’s main thoroughfare, to motor vehicles on Saturday.

Elsewhere in the city, new pedestrian walkways and pop-up bike lanes have appeared.

It is part of a nationwide effort to create more space for social distancing as the country gradually begins to lift the coronavirus restrictions.

Glasgow, Leicester, York and Brighton have also created new space for walking or cycling this week.

And dozens more UK towns and cities plan to do so.

On Friday, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said he would be shutting some of the busiest roads in the city.

I wonder how this would have progressed if it had been lashing rain for the last 2 months.


Archived https://archive.is/9883m


Much grumbling in my office re the new bike lanes which are causing traffic chaos in the mornings.

I drove alongside of one today for a couple of kilometres and saw one bicycle. Traffic at a standstill.

The new normal….