Owners of derelict homes face 3% levy

Interesting idea, how will they define “Maintained” and “Derelict”? Could this see half built places being demolished?

Or “market value” :smiling_imp:

As predicted about 3 years ago right here :angry:

If you or your brother/cousin/best buddie is a county councillor then your empty houses are maintained.
If not, then they are Derelict.

Simple really.


Seeing as it’s Healy-Rae land, that will probably be the case.

From the bowels of county buildings .

"An An AN AN… dat house never had a roof anyways so de ting cant be derelict till dey put de roof on it and it falls in on dem , I would accept dat dat wud make it derelict den so I would "

As far as I know this has on the Statute book for years, but has rarely been used by LA’s. It was another case of “dont rock the boat” when it came to the developers, because a lot of the time sites that were derelict were deliberately derelict because developers had bought them with a long time horizon, and would simply hold the land and wait. If the site began to attract vermin, and rubbish, and addicts, and if the prices of properties adjacent to yours came on the market as a result, well, as Dylan says, I cant help it if I’m lucky.

Just think about your bus/dart/drive home and think of all the properties you’ve been passing for years, that are still derelict. If someone had to pay 3% of the value of it every year it wouldnt be derelict for long - it just never happened.

Its similar to the levies situation - discussed in the LA funding thread

why didn’t they bring in this law a decade ago! when it could have made a difference! instead people let ‘derelict’ houses sit there in the hope of them appreciating for the site value alone and speculating on the market. it amazes me that we finally are taking anti-speculative measures only AFTER the bubble has burst…

Go on now, be honest.
Does it really surprise you?

A recent documentary on the Noyek Fire was very telling about how things work.
The fire happened in 1972, 8 people died. A report on fire services was published in 1975 describing the
changes that were needed. Nothing was done on foot of that report until after the Stardust in 1981.


Is that a tongue in your cheek or are you just pleased to see me… :smiling_imp:

Because back then the County Council wasn’t skint, wondering where it was going to get the money to pay its dedicated servants.

Times have changed but de bills must still be paid loike!

Without getting too excited. The Derelict Sites act only applies to areas designated as Urban by Dept of Environment. Generally that is only a significant town like Killarney or Tralee. I could be wrong, but half-finished estates in the middle of nowhere and empty one-offs would probably escape this legislation for this reason.

Well one offs in the countryside have multiple other uses e.g. cowshed, cannabis factory, discrete knocking shop etc. What you do about ghost estates in Ballygobackways I dont know.Put a fence around them and use them as open prisons cause no-one will try to escape as they are too far from anywhere?

If they start applying this to derelicit sites could they please apply it to unused zoned development land too.

Any sign of the soon to be incorporated “Healy-Rae Demolitions” company?