Pace of house price fall is speeding up;s=rollingnews.htm

Note the comment above:
The average price paid for a house nationally in January 2009 was E258,006, compared with E261,573 in December 2008 and a peak of E311,078 in January 2007.
This is a drop of only 17%. There is a huge further drop to come during this year. I will not be in the least surpirised to see the average price paid nationally down at EUR 180,000 by December 2009.;s=rollingnews.htm

Well the falls are over now lads, coz Gerry Ryan told us they’re never going to be any cheaper. Twice.

Someone should complain to comreg or whoever regulates idiots and show the proof that houses are continuing to fall maybe we’d get a public apology from him. :angry:

Don’t think Comreg would be interested…

*ComReg is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting transmission) and the postal sector. We are the national regulatory authority for these sectors in accordance with EU law which is subsequently transposed into Irish legislation.

Our remit covers all kinds of transmission networks including:

Traditional telephone wire
Traditional television and radio
Radio Communications including fixed wireless
MMDS and deflector operators providing TV services
Mobile operators providing voice and data services
Licensing Framework for Satellite Services in Ireland
Postal delivery network *


That acceleration in the decline just means we’re at the bottom.

Buy now before it’s too late… :angry:

whats the difference sure he sounds like hes wired up half the time anyway. :angry:

So it has something to do with the empties you say!!!
Still it’s not like we have a couple of hundred thousand empty gaffs lying around that are driving down the price… :angry: :angry:

i’ve been tracking the Kilkenny city/town market for rentals on daft since last August.
11/09/08 — 60 properties to rent under €800pm
06/11/08 — 93 properties to rent under €800pm
11/01/09 — 139…
Today 157 properties to rent under €800pm
more than doubled in six months!!!

the for sale graph on daftwatch peaked last July,