Paddy's Day 2021

What is this lad talkin’ about, Holy Water?

Paddys day 2021, is la lot closer to this for many of us!

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I’ll be staying away from the city tomorrow-there was already an uneasy atmosphere around 9pm (even more than the usual these days) and there’s obviously a script for serious trouble in place. Looking at the prepacked media narrative over the last week I expect to see scenes similar to those witnessed on the continent recently.
The biggest event taking place tomorrow in terms of what’s going to happen to us is the Dutch election-the technocrats could get a serious kick in the bollocks there with Europe-wide repercussions.

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I stayed away as well - twitter showed a lot of guards, but few other people, in town and RTE. Herbert park looked busier, seems to have gone smoothly?

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What will the cost in overtime (not including other operating costs) to the taxpayer of this operation

*(2500 police staff @ 227 Euros per day each overtime?

Is this billed to the NTMA to add to the now 217 billion Euros in debt we owe?

So nothing happened?

No mysterious right-wing gangs causing chaos.

Gardaí have expressed concern over the potential joining of “hoodlums, teen gangs or right-wing groups” later today in a number of planned protests.

The Irish Examiner reports that members of the force are bracing for a “difficult” St Patrick’s Day, with up to eight separate protests and events due to take place in Dublin.

Absolute tools.

Armed gardai part of ramped-up Dail security after protests, bomb threat and perimeter breach

Dail security has been ramped-up in the wake of recent Far Right protests, a bomb threat and a perimeter breach by a protester.

The changes include new armed officers working in the Convention Centre and changed patrol routes around the perimeter of Leinster House to catch out those trying to spot routine.

Threats of a march on the Dail from Far Right campaigners for St Patrick’s Day this week led to an impressive ring of steel being erected around the streets with access to Leinster House and Government Buildings.

There was no chance of anyone getting near the buildings with roads closed and gardai manning barricades on Kildare Street, Merrion Square and St Stephen’s Green.

St Patrick’s Day was a one-off, but the Irish Mirror has learned general security has been stepped up.

Sounds like a pretty desperate story from a regime cowering in the palaces.

Armed gardai part of ramped-up Dail security after protests, bomb threat and perimeter breach - Irish Mirror Online

Even Fianna Fail members are starting to sit up and take notice:

FF’s James O’Connor: the party is “out of touch”

Fianna Fáil TD James O’Connor has called for the party to deal with its standing in the polls with a “greater degree of seriousness”.

Speaking on the RTÉ News Your Politics podcast, he said: “We need to have a good hard look at our current trajectory.”

The 23-year-old TD, who is the youngest member of the Dáil, said the party’s popularity had fallen from 28% to 14%.

He said the party is “seen as being out of touch” and the party needed to return to its republican roots at a time when he believed the possibility of a united Ireland is growing stronger.

FF's James O'Connor: the party is "out of touch" (

I was intending to reply to this observation along the lines, that this is the least of your worries as the inflation on the 50+ Billion and the rest was going to be the real story but I see Lovely Leo has outed what is coming… is that a “prepare” from Leo hmm? Hmm??? :whistle:

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You have to lol at the Irish Times. Obviously Trotskyites & NGO’s & astroturfing foreign foundations rely on street protest so they have to support it. But they don’t want the wrong kind of protest so they’re a bit tied up in knots consequently

Combined with non-Covid related grievances, such as the mother and baby homes report, Black Lives Matter and labour disputes, that means the desire to protest is only likely to increase as the country enters warmer weather.
This has caused some in Ireland to question if the ban on protests should be maintained. Should the Government and gardaí facilitate the holding of safe protests? What if those protesters are actively spreading dangerous misinformation about Covid-19 or relate to events which occurred in a different country? And is it even possible to have a “safe” protest during a pandemic?

We need the Government and wider political establishment to sanction our anti-Government, anti-establishment protests.

Otherwise our protests run the risk of being considered ‘far right’.

Or something like that…


What the feck is the matter with ye?
We allow you out to vote every four years, do you not understand democracy or wha?