Page width view?


Is there anything you can do to make topic pages fit into the width of my browser windows? Lots of pages are rendered wider than the window; this is especially the case when the tppic includes large photos.

Or is it just cos I don’t use Internet Exploder? (I use FFX.)

It would be great if you could fix this problem!


Its caused not just by posts with wide photos but also by posts with links with very long URLs, that cant be broken into two lines because its a link.

For example


i have this problem as well. Seems to be Firefox related. Seems to happen to me on page 1 of threads but not on subsequent pages

If everybody would use tinyurl it wouldn’t be an issue…

andynui might have a fix but you never know…

I noticed this but not until I switched to FF the last week. Opera has a handy “Fit TO Width” button and I am missing a lot of the very clever things it has to offer.

I have no info to give on the problem as of yet.

I’ve tested a few services that promise to shorten long URLs- for free - and this one seems to work:

For example, this (truncated) long URL…

…turns it into this:

That’s a reduction of 251 characters!

If this service turns out to be reliable, perhaps we can spread the word? (And then find a way to restrict photos that make the page too wide…!

I like cos you can pick the rest of the url, eg

EDIT: not real link example

use IE!

There should be a bb option to automagically truncate long links.

Hey! Not tinyurl! That’s blocked by the SonicWall!

snipurl seems to work ok…

Or simply post the link in HTML or BBCode and assign whatever link text you like, short or long.

No snipurling or tinyurling required. :smiley:

All the same, the bulletin board system really ought to be able to break such links into multiple lines, whilst still preserving the link.