🇵🇰 Pakistanis Vs The Menace


Hmm… UKR REPORT (@UKR_Report): "#NEW 🇵🇰Paki̇stan’s capital, islamabad, to be put i̇nto 'lock down' & 'sealed' i̇ndefinitely on the -Recommendati̇ons of the govt of pakistan, ministry of defense.-"|nitter

Islamabad Today (@isb_today): "Country wide protests which are spreading like wild fire. The assassination attempt on Imran Khan has shocked the country and situation at very places have become sensitive. Please stay safe. #isbtoday #islamabad"|nitter

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Shamsher Khan Niazi 🇵🇰 (@shamsherniazi01): "People furious in #Faizabad Right Now! #Rawalpindi #Islamabad #ImranKhan #Assassination #عمران_خان_ہماری_ریڈ_لاین_ہے"|nitter

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Hassan Mafi ‏ (@thatdayin1992): "Who wants Imran Khan dead? The US! Why? Because he is too friendly with Russia & China & not so friendly with the US. When the US asked for military bases in Pakistan he said "absolutely not" & when the US asked him to condemn Russia's provoked SMO he said "are we your slaves?""|nitter

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