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Watching this on tv at the moment. I am not an expert on the Middle East. If there is regime change what if any are the world wide implications, Egypt is the biggest receiver of military aid after Israel in the region. Whilst Egypt isnt oil rich do we still have lots of oil tankers going through Suez. I just say protesters holding posters of Nasser.Thoughts anyone and of course are there any Irish with property interests in the coastal areas


Streams here

They have locked down the internet & mobile comms in Egypt, anyone got a better live stream?!?


Even with the net down I got a really strange email earlier from a bloke claiming to be Mubarak, said he’s living in a state of de Nile and wants help getting 50 million dollars out of the country, says he’ll give me 10% just to use my bank account, sounds too good to be true! 8DD


I assume your taking the piss, care to enlighten me?


Seems to be taking a leaf out of Cowens playbook, refuse to resign and reshuffle the cabinet, while waffeling about the good of the people etc


Dow down 100+ points CNN partly blaming the Egyptian situation,has the price of oil risen??


It most certainly has, up over 4%, anyone know if you can setup paddy power spread betting accounts at the weekend, I usually don’t gamble, but…


can only be good if another dictator falls. might bring some relief to the palestinians imprisoned in Gaza and make israel think twice about invading lebanon


Wonder how the Saudi regime will handle it?

Social Media Revolution Hits Saudi Arabia -> … udi-arabia


This could potentially go down like the fall of the Soviet Union. The Warsaw Pact were the first group of countries to fall. After that, it was the USSR itself. The US regime must be worried now, they bankroll the dictators in these regions and instability spreading to Saudi must worry them as a collapse there would bring forward the collapse of the dollar. Mind you the collapse of that regime has been anticipated for some time by the Americans and put forward as a justification for the invasion of Iraq.

Yemen Ignites in Protests Against President -> … 9460.shtml


China censors “Egypt” … d9cea7.1b1


Two unelected vicious dictators brought down in the Middle East a month and not a B52 or bunker buster in sight.
Compare to the hamfisted attempts of regime change by the US and UK.
Mubarrek was a puppet of western powers. He has nothing for his people and was an enabler in the attacks against the Arab people in Iraq and Gaza. He has worked alongside the Israelis in keep Gazans in a state of perpetual siege.
I’d say the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned from election, like most opposition parties will romp home in any new elections.
That would mean an Islamic State or republic and tensions with Israel. A unified pan Arab movement may take shape which spells big trouble for the Zionists.
Hopefully Saudi Arabia will be next in line. A mafia state run by vile, corrupt monarchists.


And yes there will be ramifications for us.
Oil prices will soar. Tankers may have two options to reach our shores. Pay a tax to the Muslim Brotherhood on entry to the Suez or chance the pirates off Somalia.


Possibly the case, but in Tunisia, iirc, the regime is not changing, just the faces at the top.
If the same hapens in Egypt, we will have another 30 years ofthe same.
For the Egyptians, and the Palestinians, I hope the change is more than cosmetic, but will not hold my breath.

One way or the other, the US will be very very worried by these events.
Like a dying wasp, they could attack anyone without evident reason.


don’t think much will change in egypt, I think this is all down to economics/demographics, the arab world is full of pissed off unemployed young people

its been a powder keg for years and will only get worse

I hope to see saudi blow up next 8DD


Saudi Arabia, 20% of the World’s oil reserves. 6 million foreign workers.
And unemployment amongst Saudis at 25%.
Like a wounded animal being eaten alive by vultures.


I believe Egypt is a big market for Irish farms
Anymore on what line the White House is taking?
seems to me that its “Yes we can!, (no you cant)”


The Whitehouse only supports populist revolts against regimes that don’t play ball.
They’ll be pulling their hair out at the lack of popular revolt in Venezuala, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, Bolivia, and so on.
All across Latin America and Middle East more and more countries are changing from U.S puppet States to political and economic sovereign nations. The U.S Empire will implode in our lifetime.
If free elections are held in Ehypt, as they must, it’s likely the Muslim Brotherhood, which favours Sharia law will be a major player.
They are virulently anti zionist. We’ll see then who really supports the concept of democracy in the Middle East.


Saudia Arabia and its satellites are the line in the sand for the West. Trouble with lines in the sand is that they can be kicked away in a nano-second.


Well at least he is not giving them Cheese :stuck_out_tongue: Pre emptive or celebration of their 50th anniversary???
Kuwait ruler orders to give money, food coupons to all citizens … l-citizens