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Anyone else following closely what the Russians have been saying the last few days? Especially for domestic consumption. If so and you are not scared shitless at just how close we are to a really really serious clusterfuck then I’d like some of the drugs you’re on.

At the beginning of the year I thought it was either the Baltics or the Donbas that was mostly likely to cause a low scale shooting war this year (far too probable) but it looks like the worst president ever and his performing monkey the SecState really have pulled out all the stops to maneuver the US into an actual honest to god real “illegal” war (not the completely “legal” ones of GWB) in Syria in the next few weeks. Where they will be shooting at Russians planes and Russian pilots in the Syrian planes.

I remember years ago reading about the mind boggling incompetence of William Jennings Bryan when Secretary of State in the lead up and in the first year of WW1 and wondering how someone in such an important position could act with such consistent muddle headed stupidity. Real juvenile head shaking stuff. Well the last four years of Kerry makes Bryan look like a towering intellect and a statesman for the ages. (FYI… that great “Progressive” icon Bryans last public act was in the Scopes Trial in 1925, acting for the prosecution…)

We are so so fucked.

Finger crossed (really really hard) we get to the new year without a Berlin '61, Cuba '62 or Able Archer '83 style very close run thing. Because in all three cases we were only one idiot way from a lot (and I mean a lot) of dead bodies.

There are way too many idiots wandering around at the moment.

This is getting scary. It was not so much the huge Civil Defense Drill in Russia today. Its been all the very big short notice Russian military maneuvers the last few months. The sort of drills that have not been done for decades. Including putting those Iskanders in Kaliningrad on the highest state of alert today. Those warheads can be dialed up to 50Kt and Berlin is just within range. They had them pointing up and looking west today…

Its called sending a message.


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What we hear from our media here in Europe is not always what is actually happening.
Take this example from earlier in the week.
2016 03 10 ARD Interview with Assad – journalistic performance hits rock bottom KlaTV
The misquotes and misrepresentations were widely repeated across the media regardless that the source transcript was readily available to fact check.


Indeed here is a very interesting eyewitness view of what is happening in aleppo … da/5547333


Vanessa Beeley has actually been in Aleppo recently and is well worth listening to on the subject.
Eva Bartlett also has similar accounts from time in Syria earlier in the year.

How can the media blindly pretend to accept that the US/UK/Australian/Danish bombing of the Syrian army was accidental and not a breach of the ceasefire even though both the US and UK previously tried and failed to get parliamentary approval for actions against Syria?
Ever since they failed to get consent for their objectives they have been relentlessly striving to demonise the Syrian government through media spin and outright fabrication while they covertly armed proxies and illegally intervened, prolonging the suffering of civilians.
That action was a blatant two-fingers to the the illusion of representative democracy and political accountability in the West, as is the covert support of proxies.


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Imran Hussein, an expert in Islamic Eschatology

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Is a world without nuclear weapons better or worse?!


Russian jets testing the western defences with greater frequency.

They got the map wrong… unless Ireland has some jet fighters.


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So much for “mission accomplished” and withdrawing from Syria … ia-russia/

Well if the Russians want to continue “holidaymaking” in Syria then the whole thing will turn into an Afganistan 2.0 for them


That appears to be the American administrations plan B draw the Russians in permanently to the middle East and have them locked in to the Islamic problem while they withdraw. After 15 years of non-stop war the United States public is tired of this and has no desire to escalate the conflict, a Trump win would give the American establishment an out without losing too much face. At the moment the Aleppo siege looks like it has an end in sight with victory for the Assad and the Russians, hence the positioning by the Russians to secure the dominant role in any future negotiations before the next American administration takes office and the American retreat to the UN to stall their advance before the next administration takes the reins. In effect the Russians are trying to sideline the Americans in Syria.


Ah now the Russians welcomed themselves to the party, they can now enjoy the clusterfuck that is Syria.

In the process of propping up Assad they made enemies of pretty much everyone else in the region.

But hey its distracting the Russian population from an economy that is in the doghouse.


Nothing got to do with the fact that most (if not all) of the Sunni countries wanted Assad out in the first place and replace them with a bunch of ‘moderates’?


Saudi Arabia has attacked a funeral in Yemen possibly killing 200+ civilians , injuring 500+ more. Any chance that the Saudi ambassador will be summoned by our government to explain? Of course not. I wouldn’t even expect a condemnation. It hasn’t even made the RTE radio news despite it having occurred more than 5 hours ago.

Reports are saying that the funeral building was repeatedly struck and some reports are putting the number of dead in excess of 300.


Perhaps we can get him on Newstalk like that Russian ambassador (who could barely speak English and sounded not sober) the other day

His reply to every question was (strangely similar to putinbots on this site eh?): WHERE IS THE PROOF?!

Even when the presenter pointed out that pieces of Russian missile was found in MH17 pilot’s body, he continued on with the same script…



The Russian Ambassador was summoned by Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan during the week. Some Fine Gael TDs were actually calling for him to be expelled. Will the Saudi Ambassador get the same treatment? Fucking hypocrites.


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Little consensus within administration on how to stop fall of Aleppo to Assad - -> … story.html


As I wrote a few pages back Russia will continues to torpedo any attempts at stopping all of this killing at UN level.

The only solution to this war would be a UN led peacekeeping operation, as was done before in neighboring Lebanon (after all that was one of the purposes of the UN) but Russia will veto this solution too, they do not want the war to be “resolved” they want Assad to win at all costs (no matter how many Syrian women and children are bombed)

The response from Putinbots on this thread should be interesting, I suppose they will ask for proof or try to deflect this event onto the West blaming them somehow