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This is what we are dealing with…

That was Putins best buddies Alexander Zaldostanov and the Nightwolves in Sebastopol a few weeks ago. This is current Russian domestic propaganda. That’s a big budget production number.

Even without knowing russian all the Soviet era visual iconography should be very familiar. And thats the Soviet national anthem they are singing. Not the new lyrics. After a Soviet Era patriotic poem if I’m not mistaken.

Those old Soviet lyrics give you a good idea of what Putins plans for the Near Abroad are.

Meanwhile in Syria, this is the best summary of what the russians are up to.

…yes, its a July 1914 style Austro-Hungarian cluster fuck.


Relax jmc, i promise you will not have to deal with this nutter. :smiley: He and his crowd specialize in this type of low budget stage production where they spend on a event such this 50-60 grand and then charge the state a couple of mils. Mainly aimed at a lower end of our own redneks. As you can see the comment section to youtube video is closed and the amount of likes is low. He is widely ridiculed in Russia.


Em… except I was using it as an example of the tone and tenor of general Russian media propaganda at the moment. Which is basically an updated version of Radio Moscow circa 1978. Which I remember fondly.

It was the blatant soviet imagery which I found most interesting. Have they really revived the Komomol? All those young people prancing about in Komomol uniforms…

The most important stat I saw recently was that in the last decade of the old SSSR only 4% of the population believed the state media whereas almost 70% of Russian believe in the essential veracity of the current state media. Thats what really scares me.

And then only the other day we have Putin giving Zhirinovsky the “Order For Service To The Fatherland” medal and Zhirinovsky starts quoting “God save the Tsar”…

Time to read Vladimir Voinovichs “novel” Moscow 2042 again I think. To recap on what happens next…


I am not sure about radio Moscow but RT is a very efficient operation at present. 350-400 mil. a year for something like RT is money well spent :smiley: Half a price of a superyahts that keep popping out of German and Dutch yards every couple of months. All the owners are of course are paid up members of russian elite :sick:


It’s amazing the impact that RT is having on Western public opinion. A very clever move.


Zhrinovsky is a member of a prescribed organisation since yearly 70s. Very successful at his job:) As is a current head of Russian orthodox church, and previous one as well.


Does enough to generate an ok stream of useful idiots.


There is a lot to be said for a state funded body such as the BBC/RTE with impartiality restrictions. U.S. media organs are largely the play things of billionaires. RT is better than most U.S. alternatives. Relying on the NY Times/CNN for info on Syria or Iraq? Waste of time.

Financial papers are still good but have a free market bias.


With regards being an information source on Russian policies or actions it’s a lot worse than useless, but it does shine a useful light on the West and it’s hypocrisies.


Dont you think your sentence contradicts itself?
As regards shining light on current domestic policy i will provide you some…
Medical facilities in Russia from southern part through central parts, photos taken recently enough…


Back in the good old days, pre 1989, there were a whole bunch of Medium Wave stations that you could listen to at night from the other side of the Iron Curtain broadcasting in English. Radio Moscow and Radio Prague came in clearest. But Radio Warsaw and Radio East Berlin could be heard during the winter. Radio Moscow was the slickest. Radio Prague the most hardline. And for a real laugh there was always Radio Tirana, as Hoxha hated everybody.

For a real feel of old school soviet propaganda back issues of Soviet Life are a walk down memory lane…

Thing to remember is that this particular issue of Soviet Life (all peace and fellowship of man) was on the 1’st anniversary of the Soviets almost launching a preemptive nuclear strike on us because of the rabid paranoia of Andropov and his circle.

Ah, the good old days, when both sides actually knew what game they were playing. And just how high the stakes were. No matter how utterly deranged the commies were.


Look jmc i hope i dont come across as offensive but i am 72 and the stuff you mention is like from Ottoman empire man.
Some solid grounding there no doubt…
The main difference is that in your time them propaganda hacks believed in what they did or said…
This current bunch dont even earn to be on a lamppost…


Not at all. I’ve known a hell of a lot of russians over the years, starting with the children of Whites who escaped to Harbin. Best friends fathers family all ended up in the gulags in the 30’s, german speaking academics from Tomsk. A son studied in Moscow (recently) and is reasonably fluent in Russian…

Based on people I’ve known whose parents were senior’ish CPSU who wrote for the likes of Izvestia, you know, the sort of people who could shop in beriozka shops, the people who wrote the soviet era propaganda believed it even less than those who were suppose to read it. And the people who read it were dubious in the extreme. Hence all the wonderful soviet era black humour.

My point is, I just see a remarkable continuity in Russian political culture and attitudes over the decades. Homo Sovieticus is remarkably like Homo Putinicus in so many ways. And by being familiar with the former you will understand the latter a lot better.


With that long raaaap sheet of yours man…
We will do our best to fit into your busy schedule…


The last couple of posts from me were really stupid.


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“That centralization of authority has angered many of his relatives.”

Isnt polygamy great?


Not without it’s downsides.

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When the money runs out they won’t need to worry about it any more

At the current spending rate they have about four years left


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