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Putin’s paranoia: fear and loathing inside the Kremlin, - The Guardian, 18th October 2016


If they attempt a move towards Aleppo they will need to bring an awful lot of civilians with them to prevent the Russians repeating what the Americans did on the ‘Highway of Death’.


I understand that there is a relatively large local contingent in Mosul who won’t go anywhere. That is the US plan however to create a Salafist state in Eastern Syria and destabilise the country.

Syria is impossibly complex and fluid situation, expecting any plan to work as envisioned is asking alot particularly when the military planners are situated in the US.


Erdogan Outlines Turkey’s Expansionist Policies From Mosul to Western Thrace

This expansionist mindset is being taught in schools so I think it’s fair to assume that Erdogan is working to a specific plan.


Russian Army web cams showing the safe exit routes for refugees from east Aleppo. … 261@egNews

Not a lot of activity.

Edit: just noticed that the sun is setting in the webcams indicating a lag of about 2-3 hours.


just watching Adam Curtis videos again , The Mayfair set outlines how Saudi was setup with private arms/armies to attack Yemen in 1962. Lots of similarities about how this is playing out again.


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The American Age is over and the world knows it.

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I could swap the nouns Russia and America in this quote, replace Clinton for Putin and it would be accurate. Only thing holding the US together is a common enemy. It’s wearing thin at this stage however.

Probably a good idea. Solution is to get rid of the ‘high minded liberal economists’.

This is the crux, who will win? China/Russia or US? Difficult to predict. I think US is doomed long term but short term they are still very powerful. Quite a poor article no data or statistics to back up what he says.


You could except the average American (like the average Irish person) couldn’t give two shits about Russia, on the list of problems they face I doubt Russia enters in top 10.

If the West is such a threat to Russia then why wasn’t the country invaded in the mid 90s, their military and economy (nukes aside) was in a much worse state than Saddams Iraq with similarly structured low tech military which would got demolished. Except no one did BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING CARES, Russia is a 2nd rate european power which continues to stagnate, we did however flood them with Snickers, Tampons and colour TVs, poor poor homo soveticus.

It doesnt have to be a zero sum game, the fact that you think about things in such a manner tells us loads about your (and Putin’s Russia) way of thinking.

But if you must think along those lines: If I were Russia I be more worried about that neighbour to the south with 10x the population, rapidly growing economy that overtook Russia’s long ago, and an insatiable appetite for natural resources which are closer to its borders than European west Russia is. Time and time again when 2 countries are bordering and territory/resources are coveted it doesn’t end well for the poorer less populous neighbour, just ask Ukraine and Georgia eh ?

China can use the exact same tactics of “hybrid” warfare to overrun Russian Far east with all its resources and scare population and there would be sweet fuck all that Putin could do but continue to point at nuclear missiles and threaten global nuclear Armageddon. And of course the rest of the world (With exception of a couple dictators such as Assad) would just stand back and say “serves them right”

So you need “proofs” right? :laughing: just say it please, always the same standard operating template replies…

Its an opinion piece (keep your panties on), just like most of the links on the previous hundred pages being spun into a web of disinformation to float certain agendas up in search engine ranking.


I agree I doubt the average American cares that much, but it is a technique that is heavily used to unify a divided country. Hillary brings up Putin every second day and tries to tie him to Trump as ‘the enemy’. In many ways the DNC itself is a good example of this, it is made up of a ‘coalition of the fringes’ who are only held together by a mutual enemy the ‘evil racist Trump’ without this the DNC will splinter.

It’s a power struggle. Currently Russia is nominally independent of US hegemony. US is actively taking measures to bring them under control. Power is always a zero sum game, you either have it or you don’t.

I agree, I would be wary of China if I was Russia. They will be no different to the US and attempt to subjugate the Russians.

I don’t disagree, but I’d like to see him back up points like the following with some stats:

I don’t doubt it but I’d like to know what he used to come to those conclusions. How imminent is the threat of political destabilisation what economic signs indicate this etc. He’s no David P. Goldman.


and yet the elite and their media keep pushing the anti Russian propaganda

The plan was to break up Russia into several smaller weak states and turn it into something like Africa, unfortunately Vlad got lucky and became top dog, as degraded as the military became they still had the means to deliver enough nukes and destroy their enemies

In some ways Russia is a second rate power but in others its still first rate, in any case its still the fly in the ointment that stops the likes of Hillary and her puppet masters doing their worst

Well done Vlad, keep going


Now we truly entered conspiracy theory loola land, where is the proof eh as yee say?

Your “theory” falls flat on a simple Occam’s razor test, a democratic united Russia would have offered great opportunities for trade and profits as its economy improved and population grew ever richer (like EU and China) instead the country got overrun by the an alliance between the maffia and kgb (2 sides of same coin in Russia) who basically are in power now.

Speaking of history the only time Russia was successfully and completely invaded and subjugated was from the south east…

The current “the West is out to get us” narrative is insane in its stupidity but hey it does a great job of distracting the population from not blaming their problems on the guys responsible.


That is precisely what happened in the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991.


They are doing a good job of turning themselves into Africa on their own, already the life expectancy in Russia is at Sub-Saharan levels.

No conspiracy required, just a government needed which is more interested in lining its offshore stashes and dick measuring contests than taking care of its people.


No its not, 67 is the average in Russia today, Sub-S Africa is about 60


France’s “big idea for the world” - ->


‘White Helmet’ propaganda uncovered for what it is. We need to ask why we’re being fed this stuff.


In the meanwhile … ine-leaks/ … rs-secrets


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The fatal expense of American imperialism, - Jeffrey D. Sachs, Boston Globe