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USSR spent 20 to 40% of the their GDP in 80s on military

USA spent 4.5% of their GDP in 2015 and falling from a high of 5.5% in 2010, 3.5% in 2000, 5.5% in 1990, 10% in 1960s and 70s

Russia was at 5% in 2015 and climbing

You are comparing grapes to oranges, Putin is the one overextending himself at a time his lopsided economy is shrinking

Hell the Russian TOTAL gdp is now smaller than US military spend

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This is still a conspiracy theory. What evidence is there that Russia was involved? Why not simply use any info they have hacked as leverage over Clinton at a later date? You want the compromised person in power.


Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Acknowledge Defeat in Aleppo - ->

Turkey prepares to intervene in Mosul - -> … -in-mosul/

Spokesman: Iraq’s PMU to enter Syria to aid Assad after Mosul - -> … osul-.html

Peshmerga forces won’t enter Iraq’s Mosul: Kurdish leader - -> … ud-Barzani


ISIS, Al Nusra and the ‘Moderate Rebels’ – Fighting Together in Aleppo


Eric Margolis on ISIS


Syria and Iraq caught between the “new analysts’ and the politicised media - -> … sed-media/

On the “fake news” theme

‘Fake news’ threatens Germany’s election, too, says Merkel - -> … ys-merkel/

25 years ago in 1991, the then US president and former director of the CIA said this.

Merkel Declares War On “Fake News” As Europe Brands Russia’s RT, Sputnik “Dangerous Propaganda” - -> … propaganda

Facebook and google have been given their orders. . .

Facebook Reveals Seven Point Plan To Eradicate “Fake News” - -> … nformation

Google funds automated fact-checking software in bid to fight fake news - -> … 22861.html

Then we are left with the question how do you ‘prove’ something is ‘inaccurate’? nothing is totally accurate. Everything, when entering the information stream, is only a bit accurate by nature of reality. Nothing is exactly as reality is, it’s impossible.

Then again “fake news” has been around a while . . .

When It Comes to Fake News, the U.S. Government Is the Biggest Culprit - -> … st_culprit

Professors & Politicians Gather to Warn Us About the New World Order - -> … -warn.html
November 2015


Also worth noting that we have been living in a ‘Post Truth’ media world since the establishment of ‘Confidence in Media’ in 2010. It became policy for certain media organisations to censor the news to support their political masters.

Ironic that this manipulation has led to a complete collapse in confidence in the media itself.


With Clinton gone, the Jihadis are in disarray and in retreat and quite a few will make their way to Europe rather than hang around under the present dictatorship.

In 3 days, the Syrian army liberated 20 sq k of E Aleppo (purple)! Al-Qaeda controlled areas in (blue). These areas will be liberated next.

Syrian army captures part of rebel-held east Aleppo - -> … SKBN13L0KR

Two new rebel evacuation deals near Damascus: monitor - -> … SKBN13L0ER

Tougher tactics would have ended Syrian war, claims the country’s top intelligence general - -> … 42161.html

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Paris to Host International Meeting on Syria Next Month - -> … next-month

Famine looms in Yemen, as U.S.-backed Saudi bombing intentionally targets food production - -> … roduction/

Saudi Arabia ‘deliberately targeting impoverished Yemen’s farms and agricultural industry’ - -> … 76576.html


Assad, allies aim to seize all Aleppo before Trump takes power: official - -> … SKBN13O1SU

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Iraqi forces liberate entire Nineveh Plains region from ISIS - -> … gion-isis/

Syria: White Helmets Caught in Mannequin Challenge-Mess Up - -> … equin.html

Turkey entered Syria to end al-Assad’s rule: President Erdoğan - -> … nid=106709


This Is the End of Syria - Vijay Prashad ->

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Norway Public Prosecutor Orders the Release of Mullah Kremar - ->


UN Security Council to Vote on Aleppo Cease-fire Plan - -> … 23215.html

Russia, China veto UN demand for seven-day truce in Syria - -> … -in-syria/

France deplores Russia veto of UNSC resolution on Syria - -> … anguage=en

Looks like Banas employment contract has expired. The propaganda operation’s main star was a seven year old girl in east-Aleppo who could not speak English but tweeted world politics in perfect Twitter-English even when the internet in all Aleppo was down.

#WhereIsBana? Seven-year-old Aleppo girl falls silent on Twitter - -> … -168062910

Aleppo: 7-year-old girl’s Twitter account goes silent - -> … index.html

Now EU countries have a problem, the jihadis need to get out of town fast and the only place to go is Europe, hence the bribe to keep them there.

EU offers cash to Assad regime for Syria peace deal - ->

About «opinion»: Moscow this week will provide a new safe passage for militants and civilians in Aleppo - google translate] ->

Syrian rebels weakened in Aleppo battle by their own divisions - -> … sions.ashx

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Iraq Was Probably a “Mistake,” Said Gen. James Mattis, Trump’s Defense Pick - -> … ense-pick/



Aleppo, Syria: Politicians, ‘experts’ and journalists will have to reboot their stories - Robert Fisk -> … 90751.html

Islamic State’s ‘Battle Ready’ Fighters Hit New Low - -> … 34953.html

Daesh recaptures ancient city of Palmyra from Syrian troops - -> … roops.html

Isis video claims to show abandoned Russian base in Palmyra - -> … -1.2906482


It seems to have changed, but within the last 24 hours I did read on the Wikipedia Mobile Page in English language section that effectively the Aleppo situation was now at conclusion stage. … ember_2016

The headline that I earlier had read has disappeared but the quote above indicates a significant point.

The liars are keeping on lying. They are lucky that the world is one third of fools.


**The Syrian War Condensed: A more Rigorous Way to Look at the Conflict
**Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 15/12/16



The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority - Nassim Nicholas Taleb -> … 1f83ce4e15
Aug 14

The Security Council meets in secret after the arrest of NATO officers in Aleppo - ->

BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Forces in East Aleppo Bunker - -> … er/5563177

Turkey’s use of Syrian rebels ‘helped weaken’ Aleppo rebellion - -> … s-analysis

Turkey continues to press on Al-Bab, ignores Aleppo - -> … es-aleppo/
December 9, 2016

Understanding this Weekend’s Kurdish Terror Attacks in Turkey and the Wave of New McCarthyism - -> … carthyism/

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Neocon Panic and Agony - ->

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A Pill for ISIS Supersoldiers? Not So Fast - -> … ainer.html
November 24, 2015

‘We can’t kill our way out of this’: Experts say a military response is not enough to defeat ISIS - -> … ay-2016-12


This image makes no sense

I can understand why Saudis and Qataris might want to build a pipeline to Europe and not have to ship their oil+gas hence increasing profits, tho they can as easily go via Iraq or via Israel or Egypt.

I can understand why Iran might want a pipeline to sell to European market (tho they can just build one direct via Turkey like Azerbaijanis did)

I do not understand why Russia would want to support Iran in building a pipeline, hence helping a competitor and decreasing their own influence in Europe. If anything an unstable middle east might lead to higher energy prices which is exactly what Putin needs to avoid the economic wall they are going to crash into sooner or later.

Same goes for US, cheaper gas from Qatar coming into europe means much harder for the US being able to compete on european LNG market with their own exports.

The whole “Syria war is happening because pipelines” argument is downright silly when you actually stop and think for more than a minute about it, but hey do carry on.


Now they are turning children into bombs! Girl, seven, walks into a Syrian police station to ask to use the bathroom and is blown up when handlers detonate her suicide vest by remote control - -> … ntrol.html

‘Forgotten crisis’ leaves 10 million in danger of starvation WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES - -> … p?id=72509

WikiLeaks: U.S. Government Armed And Funded Yemeni Forces - -> … wide-open/
November 26, 2016

Emails Show Hillary Clinton Aides Celebrating F-15 Sales to Saudi Arabia: “Good News” - Lee Fang -> … s-present/
February 22 2016


The primary motive for Western intervention in the Middle East region is always access to oil and gas supplies, particularly for European countries as a counter balance to Russia being the dominant energy supplier, otherwise they would not give a damn who runs the show as long as the oil keeps flowing, and it is not the chief reason the war has dragged on so long. There is also a regional power struggle involving Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey who see the disintegration as an opportunity to seize control of more territory and resources. Long term goal is get the oil and gas flowing to Europe, otherwise why is NATO involved?

Israel has been consolidating it’s hold on the Golan and running bombing raids against the Assad regime to further it’s interests as well as backing the Kurds. Per the Yinon plan Israel hopes to create a patchwork of weak and divided states in the region that they can play against the other. (divide and conquer).

The United Status is backing the creation of Kurdistan as it’s puppet in the region and has been involved in the coup against Turkey. It is also allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel and commands the NATO presence in the region. The United States also has it’s Government military industrial complex with their iron rice bowls. They also nominally control a puppet government in Iraq and Jordan.

The Turks are trying to extend it’s control down to Mosul in Iraq (oil) and the power regime has been benefiting from the oil smuggled out of the region (shipped to Israel), in addition it needs to stop the development of an independent Kurdistan or at least have it’s own puppets in change.

Russia is primarily a resource based economy and has it’s own arms industry so their interests are also tied up with oil and gas and the need to secure their southern borders in the Caucasus (and oil pipelines) and not have a constant safe zone for their attackers to retreat to and attack them from. Russia is also part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as is Iran nominally.

Saudi Arabia wants to prevent the development of the Shia crescent and exercise control over the region and it’s oil and is currently pulverising Yemen with weapons supplied by the United States (the oil for weapons trade). Iran is providing some backing for the Houthis who themselves have evolved to counter the spread of Wahhabism.

Qatar is on the wrong side of the Arabian peninsula and needs to get it’s gas to market, shipping gas by boat is expensive.

Then there is Syria whose borders were defined by the Anglo-French Sykes Picot agreement in the aftermath of the defeat of the Ottoman empire (modern day Turkey) and is really a composite of different tribes, ethnicities and religions going back thousands of years, the internal fighting should have mostly burned itself out within two years , but it keeps getting fed from outside.

Iraq is now in the Iranian sphere of influence as is Afghanistan, both of which countries have American and NATO troops stationed in them.

ISIS is a loose canon made up of disaffected Sunni Tribes in the wake of the American conquest of Iraq, it plays off the US empire in a bid to carve out it’s own territory in the region. NATO and the US hope to confine the ideology to the desert. Saudi Arabia hopes to use it a a counter balance to the Shias and also to secure the oil in the area (under the guise of a peace keeping force.)

The Egyptian regime is propped up by Saudi Money, that regime are mostly concerned with the insurrection in the Sinai with it’s oil and gas resources. Egypt has an uneasy alliance with Israel.