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This is how war propaganda is done, the aim is to convince the other side not to start a fight. They laid out the IDFs strengths and weakness but did not do the same for Hezbollah and implied the IDF would get stuck in the swamp should they try attack. The current aim of the IDF is to limit and destroy any attack capability they can by a combination of destruction of arms depots and assassinations, they would also like to consolidate and extend their hold on the Golan heights and may expand in that area. They had been trying to create a proxy army using the Druze like they did with the Southern Lebonese Army, the Druze di not buy into this. Isreal also knows the Syrian war is drawing to a close so they want the strongest possible hand at the negotiating table, by creating a credible threat of invasion via the Golan heights, they hope to create a scenario that forces the Syrians to keep Hezbollah as far away from the border as possible.

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Turkey and probably Iran would never allow for an independent Kurdistan.


Apparently it’s all about to kick off again in Iran.


Hopefully the religious fundamentalists won’t be able to capitalise on the demonstrations to enforce severe Islamic rule.


I better rewatch Argo.


It’s not clear what is going on there yet, but the initial protests have scaled back.

Elsewhere in the world water wars

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28 Nov 2017

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Interpol circulates list of suspected Isis fighters believed to be in Italy
Exclusive: Interpol believes the 50 suspects, all Tunisian nationals, may be attempting to reach other European countries … e-in-italy

This won’t end well for some poor unfortunates somewhere in Europe

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What tweets Trump? when the 18th largest economy does this?


While distracted with Syria, China sweetened North Korea who called an end to nuclear testing on the peninsula, if the south de-nukes too. I’m not aware of what nukes may be based in S Korea but I’m presuming their from the USA.

It’s a very clever move to pressure the USA to respond in kind or be seen as a belligerent.




Is he seeking asylum? :smiley:


I think Trumps opening world tour and that underground facility tunnel collapse killing some 200 important/crucial people in NK has a lot to do with getting things in motion. China are the natural geopolitical arbitraers and a way to save face for NK I would imagine.

South Korea have been giving Trump credit in the lead up to the warming of relations but it seems to go under-reported in MSM.

If you asked me I’d say the CIA-istas just lost their primary puppet state and a big revenue stream, a sick Truman show affair.

Iran may be next.


The horrible scenes in Gaza today may be a provocation. This is getting really serious and Trump does not have the patriotic support Bush had for any new middle eastern adventure.


The state of Israel is 70th today.


What a way to celebrate.