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Iran continues


Oh dear, reports of possible cruise missiles or missiles from direction of the sea hitting targets in Latakia with S-400’s (or S-300’s) launching in response.

Appears to be same event.


Russian Aircraft Went Off Radar Near Hmeymim Airbase in Syria, Military Reports … disappear/
“On September 17, at about 11 p.m. Moscow time [20:00 GMT], the communication with the crew of the Russian Il-20 aircraft was lost when it was over the Mediterranean Sea, some 35 kilometers from the Syrian coast, on its way back to Hmeymim airbase,” the report said.

US says Syria accidentally shot down Russian plane during Israeli attack … 594c216c51

Russia detects missile launches from French frigate off Syria’s coast in Mediterranean – MoD … -missiles/


Early reports: Waves of Missiles and dogfights reported. Israel < > Syria (Damascus).


Serious attack on the Indian army in Kashmir claimed by Pakistan-based group.

Its the largest ever terrorist attack on Indian soil.

General election a few months away and ruling party were floundering in some regions. Likely to be a few months of rallying around the flag as a result of this attack.

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That area of India/Pakistan has been in dispute ever since independence in 1947, these kinds of attacks are not uncommon and until quite recent times largely unreported.


This might be different. Indian media/social media exploding. Callis for revenge etc. Current BJP Government are led by hawks and differ to the Congress led administrations of the past. It’s quite a dangerous situation.


They’ve already had several wars … _conflicts over the region, this skirmish is no different.
They may well have yet another war over it, who knows.


They both now have Nukes now though. That may be different than on previous occasions.


As proven by today’s news reports, they’re at the same old game, nukes don’t change the course of these minor skirmishes. It’ll soon blow over as neither side is committed to a major escalation, settle a few scores and then go back into the bunkers.


“The worst in decades”?
Or 1 and a bit decades?
(There might be more recent than that, but this sprang to mind).
More breathless rhetorical reporting by half-wits.


It’s the largest death toll incurred by the Indian military in an attack on Indian soil.

But yes it’s not the largest attack in decades or ever.

Anyway Imran Khan has ‘warned against war’ … epage=true

Some might suggest that this is a bit too convenient for Modi and his government in the run up to a general election…so hopefully it’s just posturing designed to play well with the electorates on both sides of the border


Indian Airforce attacks targets in Pakistan… … 2019-02-26


The only difference in the last few days is a few people got killed


Pakistani response… … 37142.html


That’s a step up from firing artillery at each other in the mountains which I think is how these mickey measuring contests usually play out. The cynic in me wonders if there are elections due in India or Pakistan?


Yep, Indian elections are in a few weeks.
I am over there atm, and majority of the ( middle class ) locals aren’t happy about this. They don’t mind the usual pissing contest but there’s too many casualties.
OTOH, it isn’t a big talking point overall.


Theres elections due to be held in May.

This episode has, since the get go, been potentially more dangerous than the skirmishes of the past because Modi’s political base comprises of both a very business-focussed element and an extremely reactionary Hindu nationalist element who have been mostly isolated since independence. Their entire raison d’etre is a form of Hindu ‘reconquista’ of India to include something approaching an expulsion of Islam (and to a lesser extent Christiantiy). Forced conversions have been reported across India for the past few years and attacks on anyone eating or working in the beef industry have been tacitly tolerated by the authorities. Some of these characters are now very close to the centre of power.

Beyond all that there is of course the matter of Pakistan being a genuine sponsor of terror/rogue state entity. Remember Osama Bin Laden lived there quite comfortably for a long period not far across the Indian border from Amritsar. And Imran Khan’s utterances in all this have been classically duplicitous, speaking out of both sides of his mouth…which actually seems the norm when dealing with any representative of the Islamic world.

However, the onus is on Modi to reign this in and avoid a further escalation. Plus the sooner the elections are done with the better.


Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan
by Robert Fisk … 00076.html