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[153] U.S. Created The Terrorists We Now Fight (w/Max Blumenthal)

Didn’t hear about any of Mr. Blumenthal’s claims on Six One over the years. Strange. :thinking:


The drums are beating…

Casus belli?

“Short Range Ballistic Missiles” in the region

Ballistic Missiles by boat/sea"

Iran may “increase uranium enrichment”

What ever it will be, expect it to be repeated by the media over and over. More times than “Brexit”.


Modi at it again


Trump pulls US troops out of northern Syria, seemingly giving Erdogan the green light to go on the offensive against the Kurds of the Syrian Democratic Forces. (Smacks of when US ambassador Glaspie infamously did the same with Saddam in 1990). Then he says he will obliterate the Turkish economy if they attack.

Trump has commercial interests in Turkey himself, so there may be a conflict of interest. However, he may not be needed if the dip in the lira over the last two days is anything to go by. Turkey has been operating a crazy policy of stimulating growth through credit expansion, borrowing way beyond its means in largely dollar denominated debt. A commentator from Chatham House last night reckoned that if the lira goes to seven per US dollar (currently at six), the Turkish economy will be destroyed.


As well as being utterly immoral, the latest in a long line of US betrayals of the Kurds is turning pretty counterproductive. Not only have hundreds of IS members and sympathisers escaped from Kurdish control, the Kurds are now forced to ally with Syria – and thereby Russia – to save their own skins. The most amazing thing is that the Kurds trusted the US enough to take part in the Syrian Democratic Forces offensive against ISIS, given the history of betrayals. But I don’t think anyone has quite rubbed their noses in it quite so much as Donald Trump with his cuntish remarks about them not being around for Normandy.. The Kurds have lost nearly twice as many troops fighting ISIS as the Americans did on D-Day.


Trump made the correct decision to pull out of Syria and of course the corrupt mainstream media will do everything possible to make him look bad. Next he should withdraw his support of the Saudi genocide in Yemen but we all know that’s not going to happen. :roll_eyes:


Hmm, interesting read.


I suspect the plans for war with Iran will have to be delayed after the success of the Houthi missile strikes on Saudi Arabia


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Surprise! MSM Spins OPCW Leak As Russian Disinfo


Interesting article: