I’m planning to view a house on Waverly Terrace. It has no off street parking, so I’m wondering if I would be entitled to a parking permit this close to the city? In the pictures, there is a double yellow line outside the front door…


Call 01-2222222.

You can’t park on a double yellow. Permit or not. Mate of mine lives in Dalkey and loves the double yellow in front of his house.
He reckons that he is guaranteed a space in front of his house every night and then gets up and drives to work in the mornings. He gets caught about twice a year but he still reckons it’s a good thing, otherwise people would park there all the time.

Unlikely, I would have thought
Looks like there are lots of double yellow lines all around the perimeter of the house, so even if you got a permit, where would you park?

also there’s a continuous white line there for the corner(?) - so you can’t park there anyway … rking.html

There is on street parking further up Kenilworth square north so I’d imagine you would get a permit

Is the garage door at the rear the apartment entrance or maybe you just use the side gate? looking on birdseye it might belong to next door as there seems to be a division beween no 3’s garden and the green area adjacent to the garage

Who knows what sort of hatchet jobs have been done on some of these properties…

No. 6 Waverley Terrace also for sale, that appears to have off street parking: … -6/2486804

From google maps, it looks like that garage belongs to nextdoor

What’s the catch with that place? Even if you have to reconvert it into a single unit it seems like good value…

IMO, No. 6 looks like better value - bigger house, site, side entrance, bit of a back garden, and off street parking. Does seem like good value - but I’d imagine you’d need 200k+ for renovations?

F*ck me.
Both 3 & 6 appear seriously good value (even with necessary renovation).

The price probably reflects the fact that they lie on the Harolds X side of Rathgar.
Wouldn’t bother me.

They obviously haven’t heard there’s a bounce going on in SCD :smiley:

#3 referenced here with a reserve of 380K in 2011.

hey… this is the southside proper… not the sticks i’ll have you know…

I’m interested in number 6 but I already know that with 7 units & not a single photo, means it is going to be in a terrible state! :frowning:

In the UK off road parking (ORP in ea lingo) is a biggish thing. It affects your car insurance and you often have to pay for road permits (not always).

On street parking sucks the big one, just went out to my car and some C U next Tuesday had pulverised my wing mirror

One week, to the day, after getting the car back from the body shop because some numpty drove into me


Anybody been to view these? Any guesstimates on the costs involved in renovations?

440k bid on number 6 - not such good value now!

sigh…they reeled us in with their reasonably valued prices and then the frenzy begins…

I drive home this way sometimes - it’s a very very busy junction