Parkville, Sorrento Rd., Dalkey, Co. Dublin -370K (-46%)

Was 800K … =firefox-a

Now 500K … PCTD348780

Now €430k

Total drop of €370k or 46% - Seems like a good “current” price for the location

As Jellybean would say:
340 euro per square foot or 3675 per square metre.

And how much per square foot to renovate it?

I asked Terry Halpenny about this and he said it was really just a site and the house needed to be demolished. Big project to take on. Anybody any idea how much it would cost to knock it down and build another house. Great area. I wish I had a zillion dollars to spend here. what a housewarming that would be. AWWWWW YEAHHHHHH 8DD

House has gone ‘Sale Agreed’ however, the site is very, very small with a small front garden and a smaller yard at the back which is completely overlooked. The house has critical damage and requires demolition, the worst site on the best street !

Well I’ve seen build costs quoted at about E150 per square foot, so if you were to rebuild the house at the same size you’re talking about E490 per square foot for exactly the house you want in a prime location. You’d need to allow a bit more for the demolition costs, and a higher spec but nearby houses are quoting over E1000 per square foot.

Comparatively at least, it’s not a bad price*.

*Note: I’m not saying it’s actually a good price, I haven’t done those numbers.

This is a dream wreck, that area is wonderful. If Id had the money I woulda done it, apparently there were offers of 430 etc. Crash Dalkey prices, Crash!!

Had a peek a wee while ago, whoever bought it didnt knock it down but theyve done a grand job. Nice paintwork outside, empty inside but with nice hardwood floors etc.

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New build “Parkville” (built in 2010) - same site? - asking 865k … in/2656477

Sold in May 2014 for €810k, per PPR. Now on again asking a cheeky €1,195 (+47.5%).

Reduced to €999,000.