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*'The provision of quality affordable housing to all citizens is the ultimate goal that the State wants to achieve, and I fully support that. But I believe that weakening private property rights as a means to achieve this goal would be a great mistake.

Such an approach is gift-wrapped in an ideology somewhere left of Stalin, which has no place in a modern dynamic open economy like Ireland.

Any measure giving the State the power to control the value of private assets would have major negative ramifications for thousands of property owners and would be a jump back to the dark days of the 19th century.'*

Tom Parlon, the former President of the Progressive Democrats, said in a speech in 2003

Classic stuff, no doubt he will be exercising his considerable mass to project his long held opposition to government meddling in the property market…NAMA’d…fucker has had little to say here like the rest of the parasites …reminds me of that film mimick…it looks human but underneath its a self serving parasitic farmer moved onto bigger hosts as the subsidies couldn’t feed its greed

Good find and even better comment.+1

Fantastic find. Should go into the ‘what they said, when they said it’ sticky thread. A classic from Country Tom.