Parlon on Matt Cooper at around 6.05pm TUes

Cooper had Tom and Harrison who is involved in this lecture in Dublin during the week Harrison has written a book from boom to bust 2012 or some such title. THis is on the radio about 6.05. Cooper goads Tom and says if its such a great time to buy why dont you Tom WITH YOUR OWN MONEY SINCE YOU HAVE ALL THESE PENSIONS
Tom retorts he is in the process of buying to rent great value, Cooper expresses some disbelief but Tom says you’d get a good house in Dublin now for around €300k.

ps Tom also dismisses the notion of the 250000 empties well worth a listen if someone can put up

At least he has a wicked sense of humour.

The file is here :

File is about 5.2 MB, The property issue starts at about 3.45 minutes in, last for about 13 minutes.

Some classic quotes from Tom!!! well worth the listen.

Tom’s full of crap, he said that Harrison was only vying for book sales making him a VI of the a bust, but Parlon is the biggest VI of them all.

Harrison sounded FULOC too, like he didn’t know what country he was in (I believe someone alluded to that in another thread? Glad now that I missed the TCD lecture). Parlon was right to have a go at him! It turned out to be unsubstantive anyhow.

Fair play to Cooper for pushing the story of the deflating of the property bubble. There’s a lot of people out there who scored off panic-buying. I hope they don’t all get off the hook. Keep it up, Matt.

Cooper cornered Parlon to put his money where his mouth is and by the looks of it Parlon said he’d buy a gaff and rent it out himself as he had recently done the figures to prove it.

This is classic stuff…

Classic stuff indeed. The kind of stuff people get remembered for.

Cooper said at the end that he would be keeping an eye on this and would check on Tom’s investment progress over the coming months - that should be interesting

Tom sounded fainter and fainter the more Cooper asked him about his purchase, thenext few interviews should be interesting.

He was probably borrowing the “gold-fish have short memories” tactic from his political days.

Only this time, the pin is around to record his every word!

apparently he only said it was never a better time to buy a few weeks ago, not last year. I’m sure someone here can prove that wrong.


Its The Empties Stoopid

There is no problem with our stupendously high number of empties at 13:45 minutes in because

"Nobody has actually put a figure on it we are short of data there "

sez Country Tom. So the CSO and its Census team is officially “nobody” down in the CIF bunker.

**Its a third of a million Tom **and you know that perfectly well .

Tom would not even accept 250k empty stating only that there was 7 or 8 months supply out there.

What a ludraman :frowning:

7 or 8 month supply of what? Building, sales, what?

Seeing as there is so little sales data out there who can say how many months supply it is.

So country Tom is intending on “investing” 300,000 for a house in Dublin that he’ll rent out and cover his mortgage. He’s just waiting for the best value house to come along…

From 13:39 onwards:

Tom Parlon gets “owned”!

This just gets more ridiculous. A headline in the Irish Times has the CIF warning of house price inflation taking off again due to a lack of supply? So we are back to the buy now or you never will tactic! Meanwhile back on the farm at the Daily Mail there is a big front page headline on Fred Harrison’s doomsday scenario for property.
Mixed messages or what!!

Tom, tell us are there many foreigners currently snapping up Irish residential properties for investment purposes?

If you really could buy houses that paid for themselves I imagine many of our EU neighbours would be only too happy to take them off your members hands.

But I would suspect you would have a tough time convincing anyone abroad that investing in Irish residential property is a sensible idea.

So you need to concentrate on brainwashing Irish people with lies instead.

I wonder was Tom so truthful when he was a minister?

Country Tom makes my skin crawl eeeekkkkkkk!
Matt mentioned a 15% drop in property prices in a year which is higher than the ESRI figures (we all know they’re of limited integrity) and Tom didn’t even try to challenge that.

It’s very telling that any time Cooper has guests on discussing the economy he’s flooded with texts telling him to quit being so negative.
A lot of people out there still at the Denial stage.

That’s true but whenever he discusses the Moriarity Tribunal he also gets a flood of texts saying that they should leave Bertie alone, sure isn’t he doing a great job and so what if he’s taking a load of backhanders.

Thus proving there’s a plenty of gobshites who listen to the show too.