Parlon on newstalk this morning...

Why is this moron given airtime. Newstalk has always been a rubbish station for economic commentary but this morning was surreal.

Parlon was on to explain were Irish builders were going to find work and came out with this gem.

Also slated the govt. for not following through with the NDP.


You have no idea how many Irish Builders are being courted to get to Iran and start building.

“Ah, Paddy, velcome to Tehran, how did you get here?”

“Well, Farzad, it was like this, Tom Parlon was on the radio talking up his cartel, so I just ran, and I ran, and I ran…”

If they play their cards right they could have a great job there.

Build 2000 houses.
Tell Israelis houses hide nuclear research center
Israelis bomb houses.
Wash, rinse, repeat : :smiley:

It’ll keep them occupied for the next 20 years !

Just like the old IRA days.

Gee Tom, you don’t think for a second it might have something to do with their population of 70 million plus lots of oil money by any chance?

Iran is different 8)

The same joker was on the news last night criticising SIPTU for pursuing their 6% increase over the next twenty-one months, citing the perilous state of the building sector.

Yet he’s like a permanent fixture on Matt Cooper’s show urging people to buy on the basis that things are picking up and there aren’t as many empty properties as the “medja” are making out.

So what’s it do be, Tom???

BTW gave a little plug on my blog to the Home “Choice” campaign. If it gets one more person to write to the EU, it will be worth it.

Parlon does not represent the interests of people who work on building sites. He represents the interests of people who own construction businesses. In fairness this is the kind of thing that the CIF should be doing. Doesn’t mean much for the 90,000 builders on the dole but Parlon doesn’t work for them.

Newstalk is a bit odd when it comes to reporting on business. Damo Kiberd might be involved.

This morning’s news at nine had a headline that BOI’s shares were staging a recovery. Not too implausible, I thought, given recent market behaviour. Then they announcer gave the detail that shares had risen 2cent. Whoop-de-do. Isn’t this radio station the apparent source of the Santander BOI takeover rumour the day the short ban was introduced?

Have we no “Arrested Development” fans on the pin? I thought you had taste. This is comedy gold, and could provide RTE with an idea for a decent show.


‘Tom used to go away on these long business trips, and come home smelling of lamb…’

He may have committed some “light” treason.

I find it even funnier when they go on about percentage rises & falls ( RTE do this as well) as if the % numbers meant anything. They are all so low (BOI up to 0.90 right now woo-hooo) that % means nothing.

BTW right now Anglo down 17% 8) at 0.92

Newstalk is improving , considering its limited resources .

At least its not one socialist interviewing another about
how much more taxes
must be raised for the good of the citizens .

A student of the Austrian School …

Yeah - according to the bloomberg thingy on my phone, BOI was the leader in the Irish market today when taken in % terms.

Did lots of Republicans leave America to come to Ireland recently? Did something happen there that I missed?

Socialism for the rich bankers good

social health programmes bad

20 trillion on missile defence and military pork barrels good

free education bad

friedmanite nonsense

Libertarians are opposed to warfare. Furthermore they are against
bailouts to bankers , developers , farmers .etc.

To revive the economy we need to slash and burn .

Slash taxes, slash govt. spending and burn the rotten

Then the people will efficiently spend and move
the country .