A thread for posters to keep an eye on Country Tom’s public pronouncements. Extra points given to anyone who can understand his logic.

He was on Pat Kenny this morning.

He must be a great family man.
It was the family farm, now he refered today to the family firm, distressed builders firms dont you know with families to support must be supported.
Why is a job never referred as a family job.

Get in line Tom.

Lots of people are losing their jobs, and many of them didn’t have 10 to 15 years of boom times when they could have put something aside for a rainy day.

Let’s not forget that Tom doesn’t represent individual builders. The ordinary guys who work on sites. Tom represents big builders, the companies that the ordinary guys work for. When the sh1t started hitting the fan Tom was quick enough to call for the workers in the construction industry to take pay cuts, while at the the same time running a roadshow for his members on how to “preserve profitability”

Incidently, I think I’ve figured out the real story behind the collapse of Waterford’s Hurlers on Sunday. Fresh from his role in the downfall of the PD’s and The Construction Industry, it turns out Tom was in Waterford last week.

He appears to have travelled down the Coast Road rather than through Kilkenny. The evidence for this is the fact that while the Cats didn’t collapse, a bridge in Co. Wicklow did.


Not sure if many people caught it and I apologise if this has been mentioned elsewhere but on Thursdays edition of the last word in which Matt Cooper tore Ray Grehan to shreds, Matt also had Tom on for a chat. As with Grehan, Matt mentioned that house prices were still too high and had to fall further. Tom answered by saying that house prices were selling at or below cost and that they were down 25% or even more in some cases. Matt dived straight in to say Hold on, weren’t you saying only a few weeks back that house prices were down between 8-10% as per the ERSI/PTSB figures. Tom mumbled something like, well Matt this is where we’re at.
Again, well done to Matt Cooper. He certainly put Parlon in his place this time around.

By the way can you imagine the headline a journalist could have printed

“House prices have plummeted 25%. ERSI/PTSB figures are rubbish” claims CIF chief.

The Tom Parlon bit is roughly the last 7 mins of the hour.

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Country Tom was reading the same script on the Pat Kenny show as he did with Matt Cooper (except of course plank gave him a much easier ride!)

“Prices are at or just above cost, they can’t go any lower”

Don’t you just love the builders sense of entitlement! We’re builders we can’t make a loss!

Well get over it lads, look at the rest of the retail trade, when they have dead stock they have a sale, slash prices and turn their dead stock into cash with which they can go do something productive.

Oh and when you have your cash lads, maybe you could bugger off to somewhere else, they say Sicily is nice this time of year!

you often hear industry ‘insiders’ quoted in a newspaper saying that PTSB figures are an understatement, however the evry next day you will see said newspaper still quote the PTSB figures. Confirmation bias as its very worst.

I wonder how Tom’s search for an investment property s going?

That Tom interview is a classic, but not because of Tom. 2 minutes 15 seconds in, the guy from Glenkarin homes says about home buyrs “they have to put up a substantial profit” and then corrects himself into saying “substantial deposit”.

Freudian slip of the year.

Heard it repeated on Saturday morning. Cooper was brilliant. Haven’t heard him do his stuff before then. I was punching the air everytime he responded to Grehan. It was like watching a cat toy with a mouse.

It occurs to me that if we can harness Tom’s powers for good instead of evil, he might be Ireland’s saviour.

We could rent him out the the Americans, have them air lift him into the eye of hurricanes, and he could bring the hurricane down from the inside (his superpower of choice).

When you think of the billions it costs just to clean up after a hurricane, this service could be worth a fortune to Ireland. It would be bigger than Oil in terms of a National Resource.


Country Tom has been downgraded to a hot air balloon .Repeating his myopic mantra on Kenny yesterday.“There is no scope for cuts” says Tom.The CIF Property Pantomime continues as Dame Tom turns a deaf ear to the “Oh yes there is” roar from the morket.Change the fuppin script lads before you get your fumbling fingers burnt in a firesale.Shameful theatre.

Not a chance. His ferocious ability to spin will create the previously unheard of category 10 hurricane that would make the great spot on Jupiter look like a summer breeze.

I did say we need to harness is powers for good rather than evil. Yes, Tom’s natural inclination would be to spin with the hurricane making things worse, but if we can get him to spin the other way, I really think we have a shot.

I’ll need a €4 Billion Research budget to prove my theory.


I’m from an Irish bank and want to loan you €8 billion and the interest rate is -4% over 1,000,000 years!

In a country that’s full of them, is there a bigger spoofer around than Jim Power? I was cringing looking at him in his Waterford jersey on Up For The Match at the weekend.

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The real looper on that show was Tom O’Connor from Cork IT.

If you had him in charge of economic policy for a few weeks you could create a whole new Ireland! (paraphrase of Tom O’Connor) “I’ll teach them successful feckers to earn more than me…i’ll fecking teach them. Me and my other looper buddies will bring in higher taxes to squeeze these feckers until they leave the fecking country and we get back to the way Ireland was in the good old days like the fifties. I’ll show em…the feckers.”

Let’s just say that - based on a quick presentation of his tax policies - the guy is a…he’s a…well, to put it politely he’s a total f!&£ing id"*(.

I wonder does he behave the same when he’s wrong about sport as he does when he’s wrong about economics.

Has he done any interview that opened with the line “well, as I was saying all along, Kilkenny were certain to win…”.

Presumably if he works in Cork IT then it’s his job to teach them. :wink:


Speaking of spoofer economists…

Did anyone see Marc Coleman on Vincent Browne last night?

It was a strange and slightly troubling peformance.

Some story about a bible reading group in the ECB … life was made difficult for them by a bunch of French atheists apparently…

Anyway it was all beyond me.

But one piece of advice Marc? Never flail your arms about and talk religion at the same time.

Wasn’t Batt O’Keefe, BA a “lecturer” at Cork IT?

Seemingly he was a major contributor to the institute’s international reputation and author of several papers high-ranking journals… :unamused: