Part III - Unity

Ok the King is dead long live the King.

I have broadband at home again and will endevour to merge Current Sentiment into the Irish Property Bubble (fingers crossed!)

Will do either this Sat night 28th Apr or Sunday 29th Apr.

I was tempted to give it a go now but first lets backup the site :wink:

One step at a time OW… one step :blush:

deep breaths OW, deeeeep breaths.

so which will remain? CPSTTHM or IPB?

They shall become ONEnnnnn…awwwmmmmmm…awwwwmmmmm

Something like:

“Irish Property Bubble & Current Market Sentiment”

See its simple! :stuck_out_tongue:

cunning, I can see what you did there.

About frickin’ time… I always knew that Open Window character was a slacker! :wink:



Its DONE - couldn’t wait any longer. You kids better be happy!!!

We are not worthy. :smiley:

Reduce the number of sticky topics or else merge them into the one sticky?

Jaysus that didn’t take long! :blush:

Is there nothing that’ll’ please ya! :unamused:

Ok its been trimmed somewhat, should do for awhile.

Now I am off for my milk & honey bath! :unamused:

I’ll look into perhaps archiving one or two somehow…

I second that!
Dont give them any rest!. :laughing:

Well done on the merge. It was well needed. 8)

Well done. Now I need to find seomthing to fill the hour I’ll save each day :wink:

Fuck we are back!

Andynui is a GOD!

what the hell happened

Great to see the pin back up and running

Congrats. Looks like Andynui works for or has some contacts in (judging by the whois on your new IP).

All the explanations are on ARW and irishpropertywatch…

HOST pulled us down for using too much memory. Simple as that.

Not unusual for a shared hosting package. However we had been making efforts to curb the mem usage by streamlining parts of the phpBB with help from Andynui. Obviously wasn’t enough.

We’ve got temp hosting and we now are working on getting more permanent reliable hosting.

I won’t take much if any of the credit for getting us back up Andynui was in the right place at the right time with the right resources to hand and a good will!