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Can anyone explain what Part Rent Controlled means? Even in bad condition this house seems like reasonable value, certainly in the current market. I assume the rent controlled thing is a major drawback.

There is an archaic rent control system for those in harking back to a different era. I am not sure if its tied in with defence forces old age pensioner widows if ya follow or something to do with very old buildingd previouisly designated for rent control of some sort. Its dates back to the 60. I cam across it when I read the report of the rent tribunal which led to the setting up of the PRTB.

Now I could be wrong but it is something from the mysts of time.

I came across a building once in Bray, very good mind you but 2/3 tenants had leases of 99 years and something like 200 years on miniscule rents of a few tu’pence woth a month or year :unamused: now thats rent control for ya! Sure is Gunniess/Diageo not the biggest net benefactor of such stupid loyalty to a legacy system long past.

Interesting, I wasn’t aware of any such thing in Ireland. It sort of of makes the value of that house 0 though as the rent controlled areas of it seem random.

Yeah and heres anohter thing most peopel can’t fathom, Dublin used to have a fuilly integrated tram system :wink:

Now my take coudl be totally arseways best to check witht he for clarificaiton on rent contol.

okay Neil Harper is a nice guy and probably doesn’t want anyone to realise this but under the 1980 act people can have a life long tenancey and further more it can be rent controled.
however the 2004 act wiped that hole idea, existing residential tenancies would all fall in under the 2004 act 5 years after its comencement.

basicaly if there is a little old lady living in the place that has lived their for years and beleaves that she can stay renting there untill they kick the bucket, well they can’t, come 2009 they can be booted out and the place can be developed.

now if it is not residential I couldn’t tell you much about rent control

Scumbag ecnonmy strikes again!

Tell me about it, it is hiden way down in the act after over 100 sections. and if you didn’t actually really look into it and read it trying to think of its effects you would not realise what this section of the 2004 act does…
but I recon Neil Harper is a very good guy and would not be trying to let any git know this, to make a quick buck on the back of some poor little old lady. infact I would suggest he is mentioning the Part rent controled section to scare of any nasty gits.

now, one other point, there is no case law to back this up as the 2004 qct hasn’t been about for long enough


Becareful with so called bargins like this… I enquired about it and apart from living with a stranger in your house, if we wait 12-24 months we’ll be able to buy houses “in need of modernisation” for this price WITHOUT waiting 20 years for a man to die. Crazy money for a house that you could probably only rent to a foreign national heavy…more like 300k!

Part Rent Controlled is a legal nightmare - have been trying to remove a guy from a garage for donkeys and it causes more problems than you even want to think about.