Paschal Donohue - endangered species. Leo - in trouble. The coming Non Binary Neo Liberal Party



Sorry. This isn’t the abortion debate all over again. I’m not going to waste my time on the 2% of cases.


Not all then.


No. I said I’m not going to waste time on the 2%. But if you keep doing so I will assume you have conceded that the other 98% is decided on.


Leo’s own seat must be in trouble. He’s a cunning fox. I imagine he’ll start mirroring the public’s frustration in his public statements in an effort to save his own skin. It might not work


Last February Varadkar couldn’t prevent Fine Gael from slipping to an election result even worse than the 2002 vote where they were almost wiped out in Dublin. He himself as Taoiseach only got in on the 5th count.

Fine Gael is over, it was given its chance and blew it over the last decade. It’s time for the merger with FF now.


Leo 5 counts Varadkar. Indeed. A minion of the controllers. A willing puppet. A desperately empty vessel.

It looked like they’ve already baked FF/FG rebuking by the public and had clearly been bringing SF into the fold, warming them up with the 8th.

A public revulsion has been handled before, why not again, the agenda can continue irregardless and if all it requires is another GE to preserve the pretext of representative government, that sees another puppet-party installed. So be it.

The same media-machine that pumped/brexit/virus 24/7/365 will pump SF into power if it remains inplace, maybe the FF/FG merge will happen as a “response” to the rise of SF and you end up with exactly where you started.

Polishing a Third / 33%

FFG Gombocracy or SF Commipublicans?

Only 2 choices Irish people…


I expect the usual scaremongering against SF in the run up to the election and reheating old controversies about Garda McCabe etc. But every year people who don’t remember the IRA get to vote. To be honest the fact that Una Mullally likes Sinn Féin makes me shudder, though it’s no surprise.

I completely disagree with this. Fintan and every political scientist for the last 50 years has bemoaned “civil war politics” and longed for “the traditional left right divide we see in Europe”. It would be a mistake to succumb to this. But it would just be the latest in a long line of both parties’ mistakes I suppose.

There are clear tribal differences between Fianna Fáil (the natives) and Fine Gael (the Normans). Its a small brained trend to jumble them together. But as long as the Neo Liberal consensus rules then I suppose what they call themselves is irrelevant. They do the same. But that doesn’t mean they are the same.


There are clear tribal differences between Fianna Fáil (the natives) and Fine Gael (the Normans)

Who do the viking vote for then…?



Well probably have to do as Normans do… :slight_smile:


It would be the case if FG were right wing. They aren’t. Their behaviour over the last 10 years shows that time and again they have betrayed their roots, beyond sorting out a few gombeen families, but they’ve been doing that most of their history and it led them nowhere electorally.

2011 was their chance to show they were different from FF. To show they did side with the squeezed middle. To restore standards in society, and show there are consequences for your actions. To maintain law and order. To genuinely build on the hard fucking graft that our parents put in to build a country for us.

They have decided to sit in the centre, a centre that is already massively overcrowded with excess capacity. So there will have be an inevitable cull of politicians seeking out a comfy, inoffensive, centrist port in the storm.


No true Viking :kissing::ring::latin_cross:


I think they have been somewhat true to their core purpose. Their job is to protect the domestic wealthy. I can’t think of any traditional Fine Gael voter (other than Denis O’Brien) who has gotten poorer since 2011. Many have gone from insolvent to wealthy again in the period.


Sure they have.


The Greens - they got decimated last time they were in government, now after this one? With CETA etc being tabled?

So what’s left after all that - Labour, Social Democrats, Irish Freedom Party, Aontu etc.


Watch this space.:wink:


Careful what you wish for especially in terms of the lockdown etc.

The ‘opposition’ are almost entirely in favour of a zero-covid approach.

Whats pretty apparent is theres anything between 15 and 35 percent of the population who are unrepresented in political terms. Problem is they are disparate in outlook and possibly incapable of coalescing around a particular movement. Maybe more viable around a personality of sorts rather than an ideology. A sports or business personality perhaps.


Varadkar: Hey, Fine Gael isn’t a conservative party, you know | Gript

“There is a misconception that Fine Gael is a conservative party when it has in fact played a “crucial role” in advancing equality and in particular gender equality, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said.

Here’s a simple statement of fact: The country does not have, in any shape or form, a “conservative” political party. There are parties of the left aplenty. There are parties of the centre, too, like Fianna Fáil. There are small, right wing, nationalist parties, not represented in Dáil Eireann. But there’s no truly “conservative” party in Ireland.

Fine Gael was that party, at one point. What would a conservative party look like? Well, it would probably look a lot like Fine Gael looked under the leadership of Liam Cosgrave, or maybe even, to a lesser extent, that of John Bruton. Tough on Crime. Big on Free Speech. Sceptical of immigration.

Good summary of the malaise in Fine Gael


That’s the regular 6 monthly John McGuirk article where he fails to come to terms with the Garret Fitzgerald wing takeover of Fine Gael 45 YEARS AGO !

John Bruton FFS


Re: Varadkar and what he’s really all about.

A little bit like a swan giving a calm, assured appearance above the water line. It can be a different story underneath

A branch of Fine Gael’s youth wing has been terminated some 24 hours after it issued a public call for the resignation of Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

On Sunday night, the organisation posted on social media, saying that the Fine Gael leader’s position had become ‘untenable’ due to an ongoing Garda investigation. Gardaí have been examining the circumstances surrounding Mr Varadkar’s leaking of a confidential pay agreement to his friend Dr Maitiú Ó Tuathail.
The youth wing wrote: ‘The investigation is severely impacting the good governance of the country at a time of national crisis and suffering for many, and is undermining public confidence in Fine Gael as evidenced by disastrous election results in Dublin Bay South and a slew of everworsening polls to benefit Sinn Féin following Fine Gael’s lowest-ever popular vote in the 2020 General Election.’

They are not wrong, the party has had it’s worst results in living memory in 2020. Even worse than the drubbing Noonan got in 2002, when he had already resigned in time for the 9pm news on the night of the count.