Pass The Sick Bag

Love the photo lads.

Jesus wept.

If you ever needed proof of how worthless the Irish Times’ ethos is, it’s in the mere fact that they report on what is essentially an intra company tennis league. I take it they report on every single intra company sports competition with photographs and all that in the same way?


Anybody at all?

reads like a press release copied word for word with zero input from journalist

This was reported in the property pullout section, not the newspaper itself.


It doesn’t even belong there. Perhaps in the society pages of U or Image Magazine and possibly on the back page of the living section of the Sindo.


That’s some pretty sad article. I have no doubt it was written by one of EAs. Basically it says, we have nothing to talk about so lets write off a press release just to get us back into peoples minds. It sounds like the result of a brain storming session held by people with time on their hands.

If only that were the case. This little shmooze-fest has been reported every year in the IT as far back as I can remember; I often use its appearance as an example of what a vile little VI rag the property supplement is.