Passive house builders

Has anyone had any dealings with these guys?

know of them, if they’re good? 160-170 per sqft seems a bit steep to me.


I’ve seen something on them somewhere recently ( will have to think about it for a while ) They seem to be a bit like Huf Haus - just don’t look as classy - are they free builds or do they do extensions to existing gaffs?? seems quite pricey per sq ft!

Knew I had seen one somewhere -‘belva’-rathmichael-dublin-co&-city/SVKDR368930

Rathmichael must be the place for German Eco homes - they also had the Da Vinci house there that was up for sale last year -wonder did it ever sell!! … 82661.html

I had loads of passive builders when I was building my house. Sat around drinking tea and moaning about how hung over they were…

This was in the Irish times a little while back - interesting article on passive houses. … 12951.html

Passive houses are not supposed to be cheap .

Have a look at these guys, they’re down your way 2Pack

I love the fact that they have a detailed pricelist on the website. Don’t they know this is Ireland XD

That makes no sense to me.

Companies like that make me want to learn Swedish and pack up the family on the first flight to Stockholm

It might be easier to pay them a visit in Galway :wink:

Passive houses are high build quality/better materials OW and that translates into a higher price .

As opposed to houses built to the bare minimum spec “on paper” and quite likely well below that on site!

Yes, but also as opposed to other high-spec homes.

One thing to ask any Passiv Haus builder about is how they compensate for the additional humidity in the Irish climate.

Huf, DaVinci and similar post & beam houses are all about appearance rather than being practical living spaces. In particular because the angle of the roof is dictated by the exterior design, the first floor interior is very compromised in terms of head height and a huge amount of space is wasted.

I lived in a Huf for a year when I was in Germany and whilst there is no question that it was a beautiful house to look at, I would not build one to live in myself long term.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can find nothing on the Huf haus website to say that they are built to passive standards.

Its design dependent afaiac better design in its totality can and is essentially free but you’ll never live long enough to know or measure it you will have to use instinct and the immutable laws of universe.

However I take your point in the context that presently it is niche.

I know they’re in Galway, but if you look at the personnel 3 of them have Scandy names so I’m guessing they originated from that part of the world…thus the useful website

Passivhaus is a German company - though it was originally a collaboration between the Lund University in southern Sweden and and the Deutsche Institut für Wohnen und Umwelt

Anyone own or live in a passive house, carrying out detailed research on the passive housing and would really like to hear what these houses are really like to live in.

I would be interested in knowing this too

Consider it a right of passage . I had a guy come to ’ do ’ ( do fuck all ) my bathroom . I sacked him and instead employed Des , who kept slipping out to the shops and would appear drunk two hours later . After he managed to flood the apartment downstairs I sacked him . I them employed a Romainian to finish the job . Turns out his crew is also his heavy metal band . They had murder with my Hungarian neighbour and I got it in the neck over employing ’ Gypsies ’ . There was some spitting .

The lesson is . Never ever build anything .