Pat Rabbitte speechless public ire palpable.

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was he doorstopped again in Buswells or is it a retread of 3 weeks ago ? Either way he could have waited to get his point across.

Not sure I was reading about it on I thought it was last week. I’ve watched some of it and the people in Buswells are not happy with what went on. It epitomises the establishment arrogance and disconnect. He’a cartoon of all that is wrong.

Since 2006 how many months TD’s been absent from their watch? 18 months? 1 and a half years of not being there at the helm, or is it not the helm after all :unamused:

In fairness, the “protester” chap is a headcase who makes reference to James Connolly etc when apparently his reason for being in Dublin was to protest against the seizing of some millionaire rancher’s property in Kildare.

The reaction of the people in the bar is noteworthy however…and Pat succeeds only in portraying himself as a Marie Antoinette type figure

The problem here in your eyes is Rabbitte, and not the pig ignorant Anglo debtor?

It epitomises a guy who wants to eat his dinner in peace if you ask me. But don’t let me to get in the way of your narrative.

I detest Irish politicians. I can’t read or many media reports any more because I find them so depressing.

Ireland is so badly run that every second generation has to leave for another country.
Irish Politicians - fucking Ireland up since 1922.

There is no peace in war.

No problems. The being played out as is each actor their piece. I am not sure what anyone is expecting other than this. Such is the cartoon or freakshow. Take your pick.

+1, if someone did that to me wait till I’ve finished. Selecting a political diatribe based on hassling people while they’re having their scoff is not what we call “Occam’s razor”

The protestor is a freak-show. No doubt.

Personally I think it is a huge part of our problems that political activism has been reduced to such a low common denominator as is on show here.

There are plenty of other examples of how it has become so. In my opinion, the Irish Occupy Movement was another good example. The best of intentions no doubt, but the thought and vein of organisation behind it was of the lowest order.

There are two options for political protest:

  1. Reduce the message to its simplest. Nothing else can be mixed in with it. Period. Only one message can survive such simplification. That message is “love”.

  2. Have a dedicated group of the most intelligent and free thinkers articulate clearly the reality of the situation, and the alternative reality that is possible.

But we are stuck on the kind of political activism seen in that anglo digger guy, the old n.i. ranter on Youtube, the shell to sea compensation diggers, the lost at sea Irish occupy movement, and the guy in the above video, etc.

In the face of such political activism, it is so easy for the system to snigger up its sleeve, and use such activism to further its own PR agendas.

It is the game of PR that it all comes down to in today’s world. Control of the pictures in peoples’ heads.

Certainly, there is a lot of disempowerment painted in those pictures. But the primary cause of it is not because people are afraid to go ranting and sloganeering about things that they have little understanding of. Rather it is the fact that people either don’t have (a) the capability, or (b) the time to properly understand what they are dealing with.

People commonly have the idea that they can gain this understanding by reading newspapers, magasines and web-sites. But what they really gain in these activities is a set of half-baked ideas, prejudices and partial pictures of the world and reality, easily turned around and used strongly against them.

There lies the whole problem. What is in the video above is the result of when somebody acts on such half-baked ideas, prejudices and partial pictures of the world and reality.

A person of intelligence can see this, and duly cringes. Certainly it’s not the Revolution we’re seeing here. More a symptom of the rot…

Nicely put.

Well if you dont like it stand yourself? The fucking whingeing that goes on here. Newsflash: Politicians are just people that join political parties and put themselves forward for election. You can do that to if you reckon you can do a better job.

As for Pat Rabbitte, the bloke is entitled to have his lunch without being hasseled by some dope with a gripe.

Yeah digging into his salad while being confronted about 4 suicides a day is fucking a.

And if he stopped eating that would be another suicide by starvation. Maybe you should stand for election grumpy, you could hunger strike if parliament don’t give you what you want.

While the guy that confronted Rabbitte seems from the clip to be a headbanger and was most likely misguided,stupid or both he is in fact venting his anger at what he feels to be wrong, while looking at the clip Rabbitte seemed to continue shovelling his lunch into himself while giving the odd look up.
So the question is should you go down some kind of complaints procedure and hope that the recipient will see the error of his ways and change what hes done (however unlikely) or do you let rip at a given opportunity and make sure you get your point across even though it’ll achieve nothing unless enough members of the public do it e.g. retirees protesting outside the Dail or as from the programme with Quinn on rte last night where parents, teachers and children protest outsids the Dept. of Education.
I thinks its personal choice really and if someone wants to stand for government and while campaigning tell utter lies such as ‘its labours way or Frankfurts way’ etc. etc. then perhpas you reap what you sew.

Why don’t I stand? - well because I’m not a politician. I don’t want to be a politician. I also believe the whole system is wrong.

It’s a bit like saying:
“You don’t like the way the catholic church has been run - why not become a priest?”

Pat Rabbit is ‘entitled’ to nothing. He knew what he was doing when he became a politician. He should expect this - he also deserves it. If he wants ‘his’* lunch in peace, then he should scuttle under a stone somewhere and eat it.
He also handled this situation extremely badly, and in the manner of a chicken.

*(paid for by taxpayers)

Agree with spqr64 and nuts.

I have zero sympathy for him. If you put yourself on that platform and avail of the generous salary, allowances, petrol, transport and food that goes with it, then you need to grow up and take what goes with that when you are making decisions that are destroying peoples lives.

Can’t have your cake and eat it (in peace).

So, as a matter of interest - desktop warriors and revolutionaries, one and all - how far does this principle of confronting politicians in public go? Let’s say it was a female politician, out for lunch with her young children or her elderly parents. Is it OK to rant and rave about suicides etc., in this case?

If the politicians name is Mary Harney, Mary Coughlan or Mary O’Rourke I would have no sympathy for them.