Pat Rabbitte speechless public ire palpable.

Poor old George Lee was chewed up and spat out by the system

On your hole you wouldn’t. So you’d feel justified in screaming abuse ( let’s take a current grim example ) at Mary C at the funeral of her husband this week ?

Fuck sake.

Well you present an extreme case.
In this hypothetical situation, if, for example, I had a child that died because of health cut backs I would have no problem screaming an Mary Harney or her ilk, no matter where they were.
I’m not too much of a sexist either, so male, female or whatever - wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Politicians are responsible for taking money from my young children, or decreasing quality of life or removing health care for my elderly parents.

If they are unable to face the public, then they should choose a different ‘career’.

He deserves it for participating in misleading the public on “It’s Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” charade.
For assisting in protecting the PS client state his party relies on.
For being a particularly malevolent “Stickie” for the last 35 years.

This State is being badly governed and Rabbitte is in its Cabinet. The buck stops with him.

Calm yourself, I did not mention, nor did the scenario presented mention, a funeral, you brought the into the equation.

And no, I don’t think it would be in any way acceptable to abuse someone at a funeral.

Yes she deserves plenty of abuse, but right now she has my sympathies.

So for all the keyboard warriors here, when is it acceptable to hurl abuse ? When the target is sitting on a jax in the cubicle beside you ? how young do the hypothetical accompanying children have to be before you don’t hurl abuse ? Is it OK to be part of the rabble if they are only having a light salad

As far as I can see all of the Dail members can be easily found to talk to , it’s their job after all but they are people too. Ministers in particular come out in public for speaking engagements and why not catch them there.

So having a child that died due to cutbacks is the same thing as borrowing a wall of cash from Anglo and the millions you figured would roll in not turning up?

The clown in Boswell’s is more interested Labour’s way or Fermanagh’s way.

You seem to be conflating what one of us would actually do with whether or not we think it is unacceptable to confront a political type, or support the ramblings of the man above.

Personally, I would not give them the time of day, but if some felt the need to vent at one of them - fine by me, but they should try to be a bit more coherent that the guy above.

If politicians got a bit more abuse in public they might not be such a self serving, lying, contemptible bunch.

Just uneaten dinners…

What is your point? Pat already spoke. By not speaking. People are angry. Very angry.

I am still f**king raging…

Sure. But we need a focal point for all angry people to come together.

Karma Chameleon…

Of course they are. A salad is no lunch to be abused on, what were they thinking ? :laughing: :laughing:

PS : Not everyone is angry. Perhaps if you scoped it a little - is it something that DCENR have responsibility for , for example ? Or is it a Stickie rant ? or a Labour Rant , or is it just plain ad-hominem play the man and not the ball

Pat has the look of a man who had intended to order dessert and was rudely interrupted by the Hoi Polloi.

Deep in thought was Pat as he tried to figure out which minion in his HQ near the canal he could text to send out for a Double Bonoffi and Cream from that restaurant down towards Portobello.

Then the guards came and the camera left. Pat made his mind up rapid. :smiley:

It came across very Marie Antoinette to me. That’s all. I mean look, it’s obvious they dont give a fuck, but to see it on camera is still a PITA.

That reads like intellectual snobbery - do people have to be elegant and polished to be listened to?
How balanced, well informed and nuanced were the people who stormed the Bastille or the Berlin Wall?

The division today between the “haves” (or those on the inside track) and “have-nots” (those on some other track) is not as stark as the past, at least not in western Europe. People may hold half-baked ideas, having been anesthetized by free education, the welfare state, cable tv, the internet etc. They may have an incomplete understanding of The Big Picture.
They might not be able to hold their own on an internet forum .

It doesn’t mean their incoherent thoughts have no validity or that their actions cannot produce results.

Very true.

Pat did get his dessert, of that I am sure. :smiley: