Paul Gogarty on

Paul Gogarty is going to do a Q&A session on / soc/ politics / irish economy.

DeV is looking for people to ask the questions.

It seems to me that there should be a pinster if anyone is interested?

I’m too lazy and rude to do it, but YM, BJ, KN, PtG or any others who have dual accounts on might want to stick their names in the hat.

Better still, if NWL or gavinsblog wanted to represent their respective sites it might be a good idea too.

From the boards thread:

Hmmm. The sparks are flying already and the quiz hasn’t even started. I am surprised that they are now throwing people out. There are easier ways to silence debate.

Indeed see the insiders/outsiders thread.

It’s not that they are throwing people out, it’s that naturally enough if everyone can post in the thread it would mean chaos and he wouldn’t answer any questions. DeV wants people with no political affiliations to ask the questions, which is fair enough given that he is going for the non mainstream vibe and in the MSM it is usually one politician vs another.

Pinsters have a lot of questions to ask the Greenparty, from HCL to NAMA, to the nationalisations and cuts, Tara etc all of which are contrary to their manifesto policy documents.

Which one?

None of these questions change the fact that the membership voted to go into government, in the full knowledge that the Greens were getting very little of their wish-list. I wish Paul good luck but I am not sure what he is hoping to achieve with this foray.

Their NAMA convention is the truest example of a bunch of gobshites selling the country down the river for some magic beans.

This is the most recent (ongoing) one:
(Ruling elite starting to panic)

PS we can’t all fit in this small green party…

Absolutely. If there was one group of people that really did have the best advice available, it was the Green Party. But the party leadership went with the magic beans, and the sheep in the party followed their leaders. So much for democracy! :smiley:

I don’t think he intends anything.

He got into the twitter thing, then DeV started twittering him to which he gave very short answers. So DeV invited him onto to have a full discussion i.e. not just twitter soundbites. He reluctantly agreed.

He may still pull out at any time, but for the moment he appears to be engaging.

What would be the point in talking to Paul Gogarty? It’s not as if he’s going to apologise, is it?

I am constantly amazed that people feel let down by the Green party . They are a one issue party . Tax everything that is not a tree or a upper middle class dinner party .

Paul is getting desperate and knows that he will be soon joining the ranks of the unemployed . Thats why he is swearing in the Dail and engaging with the youth on

Don’t forget he’s 25% gay as well :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

He’s trying to cover all his bases. :angry:

Gogarty’s mother should take away his laptop confine him to his room and if necessary petition the High Court to compel the HSE provide him with a secure therapeutic unit.

The time for questions is over.

Why anyone would want to engage with this loon aside from the comedy value is beyond me.


there’s no such thing as an apolitical person, by definition nearly you have a viewpoint. Letting people not in political alignments ask questions means by definition also nearly.the questions will be thick

Spot on.

I didn’t even know who Paul Gogarty was until someone mentioned cursing in the Dail. Not much of a political CV really.

I had a bit of an email battle with him a while ago, and won easily on points – he’s a bit of a soft target to be fair. But it was a great laugh and well worth the comedy value. Let’s just say his replies to me managed to make Eamon Ryan appear sane.