Pay freeze plan a non-starter, says union chief

Surprised there is no discussion of this little insight.

This surely bodes horribly for the country if we get the bloated overpaid (but non the less essential - well at least the productive parts) public sector out on the streets.

Whatever about property this stuff can totally fuck us all up.
I cannot see Multinationals hanging about if the fucking public workers are not even bothering to maintain the place. The money isnt there to pay them their annual inflation busting increases anymore.

Last year i just about matched inflation in my job because I was deemed to be “exceptional” in my job performance, most of my co-workers got increases below inflation even though the worked their butts off. None of us are on the streets…we’d be given out P45’s of we did.
The fucking civil service can prepare to bloody pelted with tomatoes if I see ye striking…

I remember this crap from the 80’s and it really really feels the same, I’m moving from fear to panic about Ireland Inc right now .

Hmm maybe this should be in the piston…

Send me your address - I cannot afford to fly home and personally throw them - - …but I would be glad to supply you with Ammunion…We have a samonella scare in the US now and Tomatoes are going cheap!!!

It gets even worse because SIPTU just said on the 6pm news that the ESRI are wrong in their recession outlook and their prospects of a recovery next year because the situation is much worse than that.

You see SIPTU now says the reason we have a recession is because wage increases this year have not kept up with inflation and that is the real reason for the slump in consumption and this will get worse next year if inflation bursting wage increases are not given this year.
Unbelieveable stuff but SIPTU are convinced that all this property crash and recession talk by RTE at the moment is deliberate to coincide with the wage talks that are about to get underway.

As George Lee said yesterday there is going to be an almighty battle over wage agreement this year.
The gubberment are already in the process of finalizing a total recruitment embargo to the civil service.

Will everyone share the pain ? Thats the big question 8)


**SIPTU warns workers’ pay must rise

This is the kind of talk that will turn the recession into a depression.
ISEQ at 4000? no problemo 8)

Well, consider who he’s batting for. Middle and senior management usually leave the general unions and form their own special interest group. So he probably is genuinely representing the low paid. Who do most of the basic spending that sustains other low paid jobs. He is not likely to say anything else, publicly and privately. You will know the country has gone totally down the toilet when the unions start calling for pay restraint.

He also has a point that middle and senior management got whopping pay rises under benchmarking as did the professional unions (teachers, doctors etc.). Without big movement from them (I would hazard a pay cut, not just no pay rise) to prove willing, he will be unable to agree to freeze pay.

How do you arrive at that conclusion?, I was of the opinion this is EXACTLY the group he represents.
He probably spends his days reading Union emails and composing Union responses rather than doing what my taxes are supposed to be paying him to do.

Whomever he represents need to wise up and smell the coffee …civil service workers have no bloody entitlement to inflation busting wage increases never mind inflation equalising…where’s the fucking measuring of work done?

Time spent asleep at the desk doesnt count (or writing union emails…)

Seems to me that this country will be run into the ground before they consider pay cuts for the public servants. We could end up in a two tier society with one group earning boom wages and another earning recession wages. Those civil service jobs will become really popular once more…

Now who’s talking down the economy? Even SIPTU are it - its become almost fashionable. What galls me is they are using this scaremongering crap for their own agenda, i.e. public pay rises. That would be the final nail in the coffin for the Irish economy and, oddly, make SIPTU self-fulfilling prophets.
Through good times and bad, unions have done more damage than good to our economy.

Maybe I should forward my (written) pay increase of 0% to give them a little perspective on how bad things are.

The lads at Lisney could do the same, -10%, haha.

No, not having a go at the unions, at least not in principle.

I took exception to the references to ‘‘fucking public workers’’ and ‘‘fucking civil service’’ by another poster.

Post withdrawn with apologies to the Mods.

Absolutely agree IBEC and ISME are trade unions as much as anyone else. I work in the private sector and for four years had pay rises at the rate of inflation - in case we destroyed the fragile success our company enjoyed - our masters here and in the US lived high on the hog ultimately destroying the company and leaving half of us with redundancy and the rest overworked and disillusioned.

If you look at Irish ‘entrepreneurs’ you see exactly the same - those Porsches and Range Rovers don’t come cheap. Worst recent example is Lisneys - 10% pay cuts for the workers huge salary, bonus and pension hikes for the bosses. If I worked for those b******ds I’d tell them where to shove it.

If you don’t have a union where you work start one - if you think they’re crap get yourself elected as a representative - it’s easy - just look at the standard of whats there at the moment. As an individual you don’t stand a chance against your owners - they have a bunch of people that they pay to get the ear of the government - why shouldn’t you (or maybe you believe that the politicians that you elect will do it for you? - I don’t think thats the general belief in these parts).

People should serioulsy take a look agina at start up options.

These are the choices

Sole Trader
Limited Liability

Guess which one you see the least of but has in fact the best chance of long term stability and user satisfaction.

Hmm, try working in the real world where results count towards promotion not time served.

I honestly think many civil servants have utterly no idea how far removed they are from the real world in their cosseted overpaid jobs these days.

Public sympathy is definitely not on the their side these days imho.

The (worker) Coop sector in this country is ludicrously, and I mean ludicrously, ignored by all sectors of society as a viable business type, much less a pillar of a ‘social’ economy.

I should know, I’m doing my MA thesis on it. Depressing stuff. :frowning:

Oh boy, have I got a PM for you :laughing: :laughing:*

This is where trade unions should be investing their members money and their leaders efforts not hob-nobbing with a government that has consistently eroded workers rights - and failed to implement many of the reforms required by EU law. This could be done by a ground up attack on the present union leadership - people need to join unions and ask them why they aren’t doing this - you might say why join unions - simple answer is that they have a structure and recognition that can already be used. Quite simply the political structure in this country is no longer geared to work for working people (public or private) - we need to use alternative structures

This contribution from some “head of research” is hardly helpful in the education of the masses.

The suggestion that higher wages lead to higher output (via consumption), is completely mixed up in its causality. They way to manage most effectively throught this recession is to allow wages to be flexible. Trying to artificially engineer real increases in wages would be completely counterproductive. Even if it was successful it would more likely produce higher and more prolonged unemployment.

We get the bulk of our shopping from a coop. there’s actually several such coops to choose from with each with absolutely huge selection of goods. you fill out a form each week with what you want to buy, then they deliver it to your door on mondays. You have to pay maybe 60 euro to join, though it’s refundable when you leave. I think they use it for working capital, though I might be mistaken. Anyway, it’s quite cheaper than the supermarket.