'Peak Oil' far, far away


I doubt it, Nikola Motor Company is nothing more than a scam

But they will have no problem buying electric trucks from plenty of manufacturers in 2025


Well, it makes sense, their beer is gassy, so why not the fuel. :laughing:


WTI above $70 for the first time since November 2014.


If there was ever a disruption to global supplies, Australia could be one of the first countries affected.

If there was ever a disruption to global supplied, Australia could be one of the first countries affected.


Brent Crude at $80 a barrel now as Total are ‘having to’ withdraw from Iran. It was just under $50 last summer.


Going to be interesting to see how quickly the frackers in America can start churning the stuff out again.
Many shut when prices dipped. No prospecting necessary as the wells are already identified.
They must be toasting Trump.
Life is full of ‘coincidences’.


Apparently, there are still a large number of DUCs (drilled & incomplete) wells that could be brought online very quickly.


How do they say spasiba in Texas, gracias maybe


i dont think they ever stopped
They just dramatically reduced costs
Costs are below conventional oil in many cases but it is field dependant
I posted about it a few months back

Canadian Oil sands do need high prices

High oil prices are a real boon for Electric cars


Surprise surprise. Neither US shale nor Tesla can save us from the last four years of under-investment in oil.


prices getting expensive down under too, well relatively, saw diesel for 162.9 aud, petrol around 139.9 (this was in the 150s a couple of weeks ago).

People will move to electric eventually. The revenues lost in fuel excise world wide will be replaced one way or another.


Petrol here has gone over €1.40 a litre diesel is around €1.30.

Don’t be surprised to see “road pricing” schemes potting up all over the place to replace revenue.

Anyway, they can’t really tax electricity as it is used for essential domestic uses as well as for potentially charging vehicle, plus some will use micro-generation to assist in the charging.


They already do, twice! Vat and PSO levy.

How about an EV levy. Match the MPRN address to the car registration address (Eircodes?) With smart metering, assuming majority of recharging overnight, and storage heating dying out it’s not the worst correlation.


Why not dye the electricity a different colour depending on whether it’s going to a domestic source or to a car charging unit? Then we could have an enterprising secondary business taking the colour out of electricity and selling it out of sheds. This could easily be done by using different wiring on car chargers and domestic appliances - swap the blue and brown wires on the charges - domestic electricity would be brown and blue and car electricity would be blow and brown.


No need to change the colour of the wires, if anyone used the dyed electricity for say lighting in their house the light would come out that colour - very easy to see whose cheating… ditto for washing machines and tumble dryers - the clothes will come out that colour. We don’t realise how lucky we are to have such a clean supply all these years…


Always remember that old energy saving tip of having bulbs in all light fittings to stop the electricity from leaking out!


I was thinking of them adding tax for vehicle charging, unless they forced people to have separate meters it wouldn’t be workable and not for those who have solar panels.


rte.ie/news/business/2018/0 … il-prices/


It’s true that prices have fallen a couple of dollars but the spread between WTI and Brent tells an interesting story too. Right now it has hit over $10, the highest in over three years. US crude exports have doubled in a year, to well over 2 mbpd. Serious bottlenecks have arisen in the ability to get oil from wells to market. Permian Basin output in west Texas has tripled to over 3 mbpd in barely five years and is hitting the limits of the pipeline infrastructure to transport it. So the producers in the Williston and Bakken formations in Montana and the Dakotas are seeing a better price for their oil. Normally they would trade at a discount of a couple of dollars per barrel compared to the WTI benchmark price, owing to extra transport costs. But last week oil for rail transport south to the Gulf Coast for export was trading at a premium to WTI of 30c or so. It means the producers in the Upper Midwest are still sitting pretty even though oil has come off recent highs.

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Each year BP produces its Statistical Review of World Energy. The 2018 review, just released, shows large jumps last year in renewable solar energy (+35%) and wind (+17%), but still an inexorable increase in oil and gas consumption. Global petroleum production increased to almost 93 million barrels per day, and consumption (which includes biofuels and natural gas liquids) increased to over 98 mbpd. Natural gas consumption increased to 0.355 trillion cubic feet per day. The US has leapfrogged Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s biggest oil producer (13 mbpd) and remains its biggest consumer (19 mbpd).