Peak prices - actual examples?

We’ve had a couple of threads on the relative cost of purchasing in 2007 versus 2014

As far as I can remember though we did lots of theoretical exercises rather than real cases.

To do a proper comparison it would be great to have the PPR going back to 2006 and beyond… but we don’t. However we have a decent level of transaction data in the PPR for 2014 - so if we have some solid information on any 2006/7 prices we should hopefully be able to find similar houses on the PPR

My instinct is that certain areas have reached peak cost, in terms of monthly repayments, and I;d like to test it.

So - does anyone have any solid, verifiable examples of selling prices from the peak? Preferably ‘normal family home’ 3-bed, 4-bed, in housing estates.

The Indo archive can be handy and frightening. Also look at local newspapers … 91290.html … 94452.html

Shiver down the spine stuff

Jesus H

Oh the distress!

OK, so the prices are just batshit crazy. I wasn’t paying attention to prices in that period, tbh, I’d forgotten quite how mad it was.

The only thing is that these are the auction results, which is more the trophy homes and the development sites, not the standard 3-bed semi-D. I’d love to know what normal family homes in D18 were fetching back then.

Stuff here too. The top skerries property would get about €250k now … n/1003197/

Prices were mental back then!

Some Drimngah ones

Also look at the Kildare prices!

It’s important to have this reality check every so often.
For all the recent price increases, they’re still nothing compared to the 2006/7 peak.

Laraghcon in Lucan is a big estate - so good sample size:

Now: … n/1020275/
256 Laraghcon, Lucan, Co. Dublin

€650,000 Detached House|5 Beds|4 Baths


Five-bedroom detached houses of 260 sq m (2,800 sq ft) started at €760,000. … .05.08.php

Was 940k

The one with CJH was asking over 1mm at one point

If we were to sell our parents 1930’s 2000sqf 5 bed, 1 bath, semi on a 30 house CdS in Blackrock today, we might ask 800Kish. E200sqf seems relatively good value to me.

Back in the day, an originally smaller 4 bed semi, a couple of doors away, (granted it had been renovated and extended by about 250-300sqf) sold for 1.4M. The hubby lost his job shortly after buying, and the wife commuted to London for a while.
Bring back the boom is all I can say. :slight_smile: