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Peak Water hitting the american high plain and texas … 88.twitter

Potentially a Piston thread, but will leave it here for a while and see how it develops.

I was reading one of the peak oil websites and there are claims that much of the recent decline can be attributed to water companies selling vast quantities to frac’ing companies. It appears that they’re willing to give the oil frac’ing companies first refusal on the water over the farmers & consumers in the area.

If we have a very dry year or two that’ll be the Greater Dublin Area ‘peaked’ as well!

I talked with an American over the weekend at a street party. He is from one of the States which is almost desert and they have a big cattle industry despite the fact that the cattle are fed on everything except grass e.g. Almonds, maize.
He said they’ll never frack in his area as the cattle industry is too important and they wouldn’t risk the water supply. The locals wouldn’t allow it. I myself don’t think Haliburton and others give a flying f*ck about their local livelihoods.

recent piece in the GUardian about fracking’s effect on the meagre water resources in Texas. … l-no-water

Meanwhile, Lake Travis in Austin is approaching its lowest level ever recorded.

For quite some time now, there’s been talk of a North American water grid to smooth out these shortages. No prizes for guessing which way the water would flow.

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Was talking to a Kansas farmer last the other day, he grows corn (didnt ask what type) basically there is a sort of Coop and everything they grow is turned into ethanol which is used for about 10% of gasoline replacement in the US. According to him they have had weird weather very wet start to the year and now several weeks of droughts. He cant remember when it was so dry and he voiced concerns about water availability in the short to long term