Penthouse, 35 Symphony House, Adelaide Road (-505k, -33.7%)

Built in 2002, asking €1.5m … your-ears/
€1.5m is equivalent of about €1.8m in today’s money according to

Was lived in by Louis Walsh in 2005 … 36865.html

Now asking €1.25m … -2/1256172

EUR735 sq. ft?

At only €735 per sq.ft. (1.25m/1700sq ft) you’re more expensive than an equivalent 1,650sq ft 3-bed in Downtown Manhattan (albeit with a €2000 pa tax/service): … 032|537909

*Downtown *NYC FFS.

Or how about a 2-bed in the East Village for $1m, bit smaller at 1,100sqf, but you get about €500,000 change out of Adelaide Road for that!!: … e-new-york

Personally, I’d probably take this Upper West Side (UWS!!) 2-bed asking $1.1m with negligible fees/taxes: … e-new-york

You might nick that one and stil have a couple of hundred k in the pocket compared to Adelaide Road.

Goodnight. … -2/1243170

41 Symphony House, Adelaide Road , South City Centre, Dublin 2

asking 525k

35 Symphony House now asking 995k

Eh those negligible service fees/taxes are per month so figure about €11,400 p.a. for the UWS gaff.

Truth is a similar apartment to the Dublin one with the high ceilings, terraces and walls of windows would set you back at least $3m in Manhattan and monthly charges could be anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

But it would be in Manhattan, not Dublin.

35 Symphony House, Adelaide Road
Sold 07 Nov 2011
€900,000 … ymphony%26

I think someone in FF has been at the sherry 8DD.

Sell the property for €900k then put the price up to €1250k

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⇧ 25.63% €995K ⇨ €1.25M 35 Symphony House, Adelaide Road, D 2 #dublin #south_city_centre


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