Penthouse, 74 Fitzwilliam Lane (-1950k, -71%)

Was 2.75 million … uO6M05QHSA

Now 1.95 million

265 Sq. Metres (2,852 Sq. Feet)
€520/sq ft :angry:

You can only be paying for the Location, what a bog standard Apt, nothing about it says Penthouse i.e. Fancy !

Kitchen looks cheap & dear God people tidy away the clutter if you’re expecting buyers to fork over that much cash !

Jeez, reckon they’d need to take close to a million off this to shift it in 2012

i’d have to agree i think this is a crazy asking price. The market is steady but nothing to suggest this level is realistic. I’d say less than half that perhaps even 500k.

1.485 million?? are the walls made of gold or something?

Listing was gone for a while, now back on at €800,000 … -2/2085764

I wonder what the service charge is for a spot like that?

€2000 per annum property tax at 0.25% given that asking price. I wonder whether that might concentrate buyers’ minds.

Fucking hell a ‘penthouse’ - its the second storey of a two storey building FFS…

It’s still a lot more* penthousey* than those in places like Smithfield where they shoved 2 and 3 floor apartments into the upper levels so they could give them all that ‘exclusive’ designation. A lift opening directly into your gaff, no noise coming from above and open lateral living areas are what I’d look for. Most new-build penthouses here are like glass tunnels: … -7/1959120

+1, read flat above shop!

Everyone so often someone says re. an ad " ‘Architect designed’ WTF! I thought all buildings were architect designed?" and this is a classic example of a piss poor design that was done by an engineer/developer with no design flair or taste; functional but ugly

In the Netherlands, this would be a simple ‘twee-boven’ or ‘two (floors) above (another space)’. Hardly a penthouse.

Sale Agreed (last asking €740k)

But 1000sq foot smaller at 1851 sq ft.

Did they split the apartment into 2?

I hate to use the stereotype, but calling this a penthouse is cartoon-Irish. Do not let the UK Daily Mail get a hold of this advert (with photos) because it is laughable Irish blarney. I love the photo of the “penthouse” nine feet above the alleyway, clearly visible in the photo.

Definition from a web-based dictionary in google:
An apartment on the top floor of a tall building, typically luxuriously fitted and offering fine views.

Also known as ‘A retreat, used to make advances’.

€740,000 isn’t an awful lot less than the price of some 2-bed apartments in downtown Manhattan. For example, it is the same headline price as this 2-bed/2-bath on Avenue B in the East Village: … e-new-york

Ok, there’s about €700pm maintenance/tax on it, but once you allow for guaranteed capital appreciation in Manhattan (and it IS guaranteed anywhere south of 110th), and the fact that the Dublin price is ex taxes/maintenance and may even depreciate for a time, I believe you are looking at much the same price over, say, 10 years.

I’ll also stipulate that the Manhattan one is almost certainly smaller (no sq. footage listed) and has 1 bedroom less, but it also happens to be, you know, slap fucking bang in the middle of the most expensive real estate patch in the world! The apartment looks in excellent nick too. And the East Village is cool as fuck now, so it’s not like you’re buying in Harlem. It would be an epic place to live.

Or, for a small bit more money, you could have another 2-bed, with lower maintenance/tax in the stunning West Village, and live beside SJP and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in this cute little place: … e-new-york

Yes, not huge, but it’s a frickin’ cobble-stoned street in the frickin’ West frickin’ Village ffs!! Look at it on Street View and it’ll break your heart it’s so pretty … esult&z=19

Dublin = Manhattan, yo.

Edit: Whoops, my bad. Just noticed there isn’t a Spar near either of the ones in Manhattan. I guess you need to take a couple of k off for that.

In fairness the East Village place is about 800-900 sq ft or about €850 a sq ft and the West Village place is probably 600sq ft at a stretch so about €1,400 a sq ft. If you want to compare like with like you have to look for 3 bedroom apartments around 1,900sq ft and you won’t find one for less than $2 million. The Fitzwilliam Place apartment is at the top end of local asking prices at €400 a sq ft. Manhattan is still much, much more expensive than Dublin.

If you say that this is the top of the Dublin market, can I say that Manhattan is the top of the US market…? 8)