Penthouse 8 Aston House Aston Place , Temple Bar, Dublin 2 … -2/2777292

Penthouse 8 Aston House Aston Place , Temple Bar, Dublin 2

  • 2 Bed Apartment 53 m² / 570 ft² For Sale G

I viewed this recently.

There was a lift in the building, but we had to use the stairs for some reason, which was quite a hike. Stairwell was narrow.

Three parties viewing.

The penthouse is a pre-fabricated structure on top of the flat roof of the building.

One kitchen/diner with lots of windows and access to balcony. Two small bedrooms, one en-euite, and one other bathroom. No fancy finishes.


  1. In the afternoon traffic and pedestrian noise was minimal, even out on the balcony. Few pedestrians and no cars passed down the street while I waited outside for about 10 minutes.
  2. Bright living spaces.
  3. Big balcony, if you peer over one side you can see the Liffey.
  4. Pleasant cityscape views from balcony.


  1. Charmless.
  2. No windows in bathrooms.
  3. All windows face the same direction (east), with the exception of a side window in the kitchen.
  4. Overlooked.
  5. Nearly impossible to gain entry on viewing day. No sign of viewing in progress on street below. Rang buzzer many times, couldn’t hear if it worked or not, no answer at EAs number. Eventually the tenant/owner came down to let us in. Bizarre.
  6. EA generally difficult during viewing.

I viewed this by chance and hadn’t realized it was a pre-fab before the viewing. €295k!!! Insane. I’d be afraid it would blow away. (The higher balcony across the way has an Airstream. Looked groovey).

You’re right.

“The Morgan’s lavish penthouse and airstream is the ultimate party venue in Temple Bar Dublin…A huge canapé outside brings the party onto the roof top terrace…It is available for private parties of all types…Outdoor speakers, heaters and chandeliers and lighting transforms the terrace by day & night.”

I’ll add that to the list of cons, so.

Nah, they’re clamping down on that kind of thing these days: … tor-jailed

Interesting concept. Instead of lots of little ones as normal…

Con: Aston Quay is the scuzziest location in the city centre and I wouldn’t buy a place there for any money. If anyone interested in this place is reading I strongly urge you to spend 1 hour an evening there for a week before making your decision. I guarantee you will see multiple arrests, junkies being put into ambulances, shoplifters racially abusing security staff etc, and all that’s before even getting into the threatening late night atmosphere generated by nightlink stops, chippers, clubs aimed at 19/20 year olds and just Temple Bar in general.

They’ve been trying to sell this place for a while.

Nice to see they’ve gotten in a cleaner since they last took photos, the previous ones made it look quite dingy.

Not to mention behaviour of the gardai in the area.

I recently popped into the nearest supermarket to this flat and entered the shop at the same time as a garda. He asked of the security man at the door “Anyone?” The security man said he’d check the cameras and responded with “Nobody”. The garda then roared “F%*k” in the doorway for all to hear.

What was that supposed to mean/signify ? :confused:

I don’t know, but I did notice that the gardai were out in force in the area stopping people who were wearing tracksuits and searching their pockets (without any protective gloves). My own conclusion was that he was looking for people who met that profile in order to meet his quota, but obviously I don’t know what it meant…What was clear was that it was a question often asked of the security man, and that he knew the sort of person for whom the garda was looking.

Probably started searching more people with the phone robbery epidemic in recent years in the O’Connell Street area. I think that the heightened gardai presence on O’Connell Street has made Aston Quay even worse - it is surely the dodgiest street in Dublin and theshmuck’s post sums it up quite nicely. They should have gardai posted there at all times to try and disperse the ‘undesirables’ who group there.

The gardai are under orders to constantly patrol Westmoreland, and aston quay for the past two months. Since the boardwalk was shut down the junkies migrated to the corner or AQ and Westmoreland. They have the londis workers and customers plagued for two years. For two years the guards did nothing to deal with them, then suddenly, literally overnight, there are patrols there every half hour. Everyone in a track suit has their name taken. It has largely dealt with the issue, ie pushed it somewhere else. This won’t last for ever though. They will be back. The junkies aren’t so bad in themselves. Bit of shoplifting, bit of drug dealing, lot of shouting, opportunistic break ins to nearby apartment buildings and street theft. Rarely involved in violent attacks on non-junkies. The friends, not yet on drugs, that they attract to the area are a different story.
That’s the junkies, they will more than likely be back and they are mainly a low level annoyance that after a while you probably won’t even notice. Can be a bit embarrassing with visiting friends and family though.
Obviously the streets around here are a public jacks for a lot of the time, mainly piss, but a surprising amount of human feces too.
I don’t like this one, but I think it will get close to asking.

And after over a year of this not selling at 295k, they’ve done the logical thing and increased it to 360k: … -2/3417919

Bet this rents well though. In or around €2k per month I’d say. So at €300k you could be looking at an 8% gross yield. €360k probably pushing it.

Just don’t invite Mark Pollock around.

Would do well on Air B&B

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :-GC