Penthouse for sale in Smithfield


Does anyone have any opinion about this? Or has been living in a similar property that could comment the pro/cons ( mainly the cons)?
Is it annoying when windy/noisy? - Problems of being a glass box?



at least it’s a proper penthouse;

generally I think those Smithfield apartments are over priced. The area still has plenty of antisocial activity, nothing crazy but Ballsbridge it ain’t

I thought it would be more expensive given the mediocre apartments in that block go for 4/500k


I lived in one of these, could have been that one!.

The main con of the apartment is the glass frontage and its position in terms of direct sunlight. The kitchen got so hot you could not even use it during long stints in the summer.

I also lived in one of the penthouses in the tower (directly above the restaurant/cinema) - they are of much better build quality then the rest of the complex. They have amazing ceiling height and large windows. Would recommend one of these if you can find one.


Thanks for reply, this one is the triplex. Yes my concern is also about the amount of glass, Whats the story when very windy? Is the apartment too cold in winter?. I am ok with the area as I know it quite well being a northsider since arrived in Dublin.


If there is only one triplex then it’s the one I rented. I don’t remember wind being an issue, nor the cold - it was during my late 20’s though so the heating was not high on my consideration set.

In terms of sun, even in winter the kitchen heated up to crazy levels. Bedrooms were ok as you could open doors, as far as I remember.

Just one bathroom as I remember? That was a problem as we were two couples sharing.

In terms of area I have nothing bad to say about Smithfield, nice mix of every sort and near so many amenities.


Yes that’s the one. Thanks for your comments. Do you remember what year it was more or less? And how much was the rent you were paying?
Also important why did you stop leaving there?
( Sorry all those personal questions but will help loads on making the decision)


Maybe DM for more details


Yes I wanted to send DM but i cant find how to send direct messages on this. Any ideas? Thank you


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Find out how much electricity/heating bills are.
Ask to see previous winter bills.